ZRA Part 3 3-20-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, March 20th

Resting players dilemma, Brady jersey discovered, SeXXXy stats


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. So we analog broadcasts coming up again on dollars and number lions eagle watch that turn a man it's. Sort of one yen. Hang out hooters girls wanted to rants like seventeen homers calendar collect a couple of Budweiser. Only seven dollars or does that he's only eight dollars as at hooters Florida dot com for location near you. That's this there's he's 31 million voters in camera pines and wanna remind folks as well we are taking your nominees for tool the week hall of famers before the end of the show it's they will announce one of the finalist sets from last week's. Pot and threes OK and each week for the next several weeks we're going to be I'd meaning. Final it's okay and the person who gives us. Actual hole Famer that means ducts and that'll be I mean a few weeks. We're gonna winds of giving you 500 dollars towards any tracks would alternative decking from Florida lumber Tobin I have you narrowed down owner. You know the the entries from last week we you know we're we're gonna name and put in this show it's great first finalist for the new class to leak hole Famer. Yeah I have went for the small OK very good it's it's it's abortive points committee of one okay. Tobin Tobin names though the final listen and we all. World port of the board that votes the actual inductees into the hall fame OK and of course the first ever inductees Bryant went foresee hangs by the raptors. Yanks from the rafters spies underwear. And he's now. Former former Marlins loser he is also in the tools we call fame so we're going to eventually induct a third member of one of the final spur this hall of fame class will be announced Allianz. Of the show today economists when he did you miss them. Aaron did I miss him now I don't miss him because. You know. Well well well let's her want. Did you miss them. What is gloss over it you miss them. Did I miss him no I miss him because then you might need. All of a clips like this one. This season. One of the things you look at the Miami Heat hammer. Tell me I hate them. You know they are right now I would say there's a really good chance that that's going to be the cavs first round opponent. And if that's the case you watch how the Miami Heat play. From an offensive standpoint in that series the caps might have before best offensive place. Did he have almost no offense of ability. But they score points because they're they worked so hard on offense the cavs don't have to play that. Because they don't have to expend as much energy because they've got so much talent. Literally what he's saying is nonsense he's talking nonsense they worked so hard off and be deeply so fast. There are very fast pace seemed to not happy mortal and he doesn't want to games all he doesn't look at the box score. It had a team Rooter and that it's sort win games but that's that's all the dots. Works so hard they move the basketball it's not this one only one nonsense while what does work and heart. Moving the basketball running up and down the floor fast break transition that's not working hard okay that's that's fallen fluid basketball. And it's amazing that without any ability ready talent and they're able to have one of the best offenses in the league for the last couple of thoughts. Says it's going all with the national media. They don't understand what's going on with the heat and I don't really understand either OK it's it's it's remarkable we've seen a turnaround like this you know I told the story couple weeks ago and Britney goes before you. Return last week where where Chris Perkins can't came in studio to do one of the road teams right after. Ethan and Chris got done with their shell. And this was in the first half Euro and he really terrible and and consents may say eggs as dealing as any waves turn around the lake is being start clicking a like. Nona and they suck. Yes that's how those that supporting it. You know it's not like football we're seeing with the dolphins were few games and you kind of find yourself you finally Uga you make a nice run or. That happens in hockey hell happened to baseball for sure okay but in basketball. Or you ought to forty games are rights. It never happens what's going on right now isolate nominee and might they suck this is who they are. Ands. And and and local we are now okay during their game and have backup of six. And the fact of the matter is this team. The national media. They look at box scores. They don't watch the games so we can't understands. How do you winning games and no one is taken and serious. And that's not. Being said there by Adobe would endorsed. Where they worked so hard it looks so horror on offense. And there isn't a lot of talent there you're looking up and down the box score and you you don't know about this team. Though abortion in all and soft is is silly they eat. It most of time it looks easy. Record them on the alternate events because the style plot. So I did not its wing doors to answer your question he's dealt. I do not miss him where would you put. I guess you'd go LeBron carry that you have the best two players. And that would go gore on. Yeah probably. Yeah. Yeah probably and then and then and then you wanna go low that's fine. On an James Johnson. And let's Lou let's not only later this business is a scrawled book but but he could easily top four players like. Okay self James Irving and love who's the fourth I'm Cleveland or taken for every one in Miami Zach. That's. Seriously is that god who is the fourth got that you're taken on Cleveland's roster before everyone from Miami who are we talking about there. Obviously Richard Jefferson. Or I hear you man. It's hoaxes and it's it's a guy hey I saw it yeah the antics. Thompson Tristan Thompson rivers Imus now don't tell attention why is some the most consecutive games played doesn't believe in resting he actually elects not to rest sounds right so that was one of the questions are one of the broadcasters had who has. If he can tell coaches. And people and irritation that he's not resting. And white the other guys elect to rest if you have the opportunity it's like not like the coach is telling you. No it's our decision you must rest tonight where is he declining rest I think he's he's leading the league I think it's. It's a 340 consecutive games yet or forays into the game and Montana sounds right. Let's sort headlines here. 790. Got a ticket WH XY AM South Miami WSFS epidemic HDT Miramar. Prado week nights beginning it's okay here's what's trending. That rumbling you believe that Malarkey with a coach comes out and says oh the bronze pissed he didn't want to set. But I don't know it'll know yeah I mean our computer guy really no way of LeBron wanted to let you be plain look I don't know. Know what the league is supposed to do the cavaliers. They continue to rest their guys they arrest on Saturday night the first night of a back to back even though they weren't changing cities that weren't change you know tells their plane and seem Reno the next night LeBron set out love sat out curry serving sat out. Wanna hear some of the broadcast crew on ABC during the we deem you are told and I had man. That resting at the end of the season resting with the according injuries resting on back to back is very important. And you guys say. I understand. A medical information that we were acquiring. I even understand that we are getting more and more data to protect the players but this bill is an absolute joke for protecting the fans who want to protect in the game of basketball. Something's gotta be. Any other business that would help prosecute. This type of big split up maneuver that the NBA allowed the quite frankly my. All you're so how good are they. What they say they can accomplish. Has a fair point actually on about prosecutable. In another business. And that is well far I'm really really is yeah they're very hyperbolic anyway but. But that's a fair point OK on a you know your training staff might as always our yep that's not a bad want to hear. And there. Is data that suggests on you know on back to back. Guys are more likely to get injured on the second night of the backed factor is that I apparently that data there. To suggest that it. Oil that's not the time immediately injuries susceptible to injury. I got brackets that they ask guys like Karl Malone and appear that they ask normal online at a very united comedies mostly during a ten years that your client arguing got no business sitting on the bench view Europe and old he's forty years old are. Very you'll you know at what point does someone like LeBron a point all you Sheen because. You know you make in its when he five. Thirty million dollars a season. Yup the working class guy who pays money for tickets they're expensive not a factor. I know bull. It's if it's enacted a player he didn't care has a sister so not a factor and I know it's one thing that people are fans don't. Don't realize is that it's the same thing that when they hear about a player that does drugs almighty god does drugs. But same thing when a player doesn't care about the fans distinct things on players when they hear that. Oh my god for instance the recent tight end for the Miami Dolphins cannot settle orgasm of the game and joined Cameron Cameron mug him and people are shocked that people don't love the game. My knowledge is just as part of the game now it's part of the businesses to. There's a disconnect between and as Kathleen just and the family the community total discuss what about what about the player like that LeBron your mentioning making all this money and then there's the other guy down on the bench. Not making. Much money at all at least by league's standards. And he doesn't get the opportunity to use it you know he's nine he's not in that position or he's going to be getting those nights off. Any semblance of ever feeling about about about that skit like guys getting paid. Hell of a lot last hurt himself a whole lot more. Yeah. Eagle look at it that way plane hurt himself I mean he's he's he's paid the basketball. You know AA he not been paid to hurt himself we yachts boats get herds of freak injury at the idiot hurt you know it. It paid boy that's well look what I go back and look at its bigger guys like LeBron curry Irving continue to sit out these games. And then you had that back in Paris needs of an all star game where once a lolly gagging out there and nobody's trying okay Chris Paul the president of the union has called commissioner afterwards it was it isn't bad we got a decent and fix it. I doubled to prod when Oswalt. You cash your paycheck. Every at every couple weeks or whatever is how property get paid and how about going out there having a little pride. And let us. They're onerous those paychecks and an all star game. I understand Latin accent. Something's going to have to give because in and we discussed it last powered the TV contract he's TV stations and I don't know how long. This new TV deal is but it's the reason that these guys im going to be making the money that they're going to be making in the NBA it's the whole reason that the salary capping a lot yes those TV stations are going to get extremely upset if the games they're playing. Paying billions of dollars for are nonsense games that nobody watches because none of the stars are playing and it's a star driven league. And they're going to Anna pulling their money at some point whenever there next. Deal comes up and that's going to affect everything and it's going to affect the pay but I suppose the push back on the other side from the players would be wild and shorten the season. It is not bode. Breaking news. Pre game news is gone now you can go to bed at night and put your head on the pillow and not worry. Fox sports is learned that FBI and NFL security they believe that they've located. Tom Brady stolen Super Bowl Jersey and they are in the process of getting back to dawn are you being serious. Yeah well aware was there. Details are coming soon. Braking and so is this one's. Aux and a you that you let's sources at fox sports one glaze wow yeah he gets everything yet so they say Allen that. The Jersey dep in the process of getting it back to Tom now is this person. It did sedate Dayton adds money cost city in a moment the details don't show I don't know jury straight execution details are coming shortly. While I'll tell you what it is I I don't wanna be patronized and I felt like summit that was common from the cavaliers general manager David Griffin. My Nissan and did feel bad for the fans. And forwards units. Get the hell out of here man I don't wanna hear from the cavaliers general manager. When LeBron inquiry. Or resting it and he's feeling bad. And it's unfortunate and you know as a separate for the fans get the hell out of here it's so. Patronizing. Get the hell out there and play basket. All. I feel it's a bad look for the NBA. Between the all star game the rest in the players national TV gains it's a bad look. It's not sustainable I mean I don't know what the NBA could do about it now of the CPAs and place for another six years but it's certainly wouldn't be sustainable. After that I would imagine a look at teams can really came on city filled bad. Oh yes yet can you get the quotes it's so we can you find they can you find quotes from David Griffin. After the cavaliers and their plays out and said he didn't get Julia because because he mentioned how the league immediately after the starting lineups were announced on Saturday night at the lead colds him and he said they were very unhappy you you know. Are they they called jump the cavaliers. This column like this it this is unacceptably no I don't know you can do about it. Our lawyers would argue you can shorten the season right and that would that would best of all of this but and the problem which I don't again while now okay that's fine but then on the other side that there's going to be a lot of guys not making much money missing paychecks announcing. That money that's what happens if shortly to 88 from 82 games are sixty games. Nobody ever sits not only not only because the games or be more important and sixty games. But because. Gut the games will be spread out. All sort are dating or travel schedule and will time yeah that'll run lane would need better. Herald that doesn't work for the guys sitting on the bench at the end of events well let's go live look to the reasons why the light of a million dollars a year. If I mean these guys they get in a room and get a real you the revenue needs the revenues gonna go down okay that high that. Revenue wise gonna go down for both the players. And the owners are gonna buy themselves at somebody need to figure amongst themselves and you don't either side is gonna wanna get it okay fewer games. Less money revenue as to why there haven't been never agree fewer games that is the way to salt. So you'll still be able to afford to lose it's on gym bag. Are there Gucci gym bag solid they're going to be go under at the marshals and they're gonna federal warrant special Michael still be able to afford their jewelry it's not a problem. Million bucks a year and still get to four. What's legal minimum Marino. I don't know. Ultimately during depends on how much time you've been weak mean if you're like a rookie at it as neglect five to. Is not a million for some reason she's Burnham talking about. You're better we'll read but the problem is that you're not just talking about you're not just talking about facts honestly you're not just talking around can't tell guys still spends a lot of time. My inbox here and on money what are you got to open causes ask him like as far as payment goes with like the regional like for example does like this phosphorous on Beckett just the heat. Like how does that work between that and ESPN who they pay because that's that's really should be the most upset about this is yours you're sitting out on the news. Ridiculous contracts at the television stations overpaid for and hell. ESPN's laying off employees because they overpaid for these these rights vis north and here you know LeBron James Kim possible. How time am I mean that that it's embarrassing look for the Ambien and and not only that would easily he's mocking everybody telling. That's what I don't like about Alec mocking his he's. Yeah telling you he's doing himself it is sir I don't know he's doing himself because he on the way out elite but he's doing a whole lot of guys coming up behind him a disservice because. This isn't how this is going to continue to go is at the end of the day it's the ESPN's lassie be easy either all those you know that's whose pain. As who's paying that and money rules. The ball scores because LeBron James came out of these guys know how to take a break today might. You have to try to fake it anymore which doubles lounge chair over there for those guys. A recliner. Between the bottle slipped and any amount rigorous street clothes and even like suited and booted you don't really usually a lot of guys that they're not going to be playing to come out knowing my uniform. To sit on the bench. You'd active. Just to Spain plane tonight the joke got to drink my coffee. It's it's it's embarrassing overall that the league needs to do some pin and what you do is view short on the number of games in the season it would it would. Vastly improve the product. But that's never gonna happen so instead it. You know players like LeBron can keep chaminade and fans' faces that that's what is so that's what you know the lease are doing about it. Globalization whether or not not the owner of the owners will never agree to give up the money that they're gonna lose from from a. He's kind of pulling the money they're not making the ratings off their games because too many stars of saint. Mostly that would change everything I don't believe are your receipts money. Cynical based lightning baseball too long currencies are now here yeah and never shortened season got what you're saying the league's never going to do anything about these star players sitting on stand on never shortened season they'll never do that's the easiest way to solve the never had the problem with that is because. On both sides of the equation the owners don't want the season shortens and there's a lot of players who wouldn't want to see all the players wanna shortly just don't don't threaten that's the problem yet players deathly once it was still wanna get paid. For the same amount. You say not a game to play well let's get there are likely isn't even get how does have some pride. Any run around the all star game nobody tries. Yet yet fans in that building paying thousands of dollars for the all star that's a different issue though your sand and you're paying thousands and an all star game you know you're getting the all star Kyra at that point we can't rounds. And I'm serious and I did a semi minor got to rest Brett how stupid is that there are so down on their you have professional athlete Tony fours reliant on tired. Brett. On trial not funny it's at least that was the brides you buy out attempts to your business needs contains an instant accountants can help by providing accounting and finance professionals on temporary basis and every need and called them today countenance. A Robert Black hockey player. There's an abrupt arrests on second night and I'm me I don't Ambien serious. Hockey players ever to sit. Little. User get caught up during games. They come back in this latest one shift maybe they went back to backs all the time it was four games in in seven nights what have you hockey players never got to sit out because of rest of these guys travel and these exquisite planes in the best hotels. And yet. How comfortable enough to listen I Seattle I don't I don't buy into that OK okay route. How comfortable your flight is by the way still travel these guys at that don't have beds on the planes okayed a regular seats are right if they wanted to. I still needed people do you always say that it's not like I'm yeah I bit jet that you know win a regular. Planes that only John. See these players have you been on these so and most teams its normal planes and Sinatra and thirteen clean all the time normal sleep tonight angry miners side by side it's like. Music first class again ninety's it's still sitting on a clean is still trapped piling distilled tiring it is a struggle so I mean I've and it's a nice hotels man. You can't get into a hotel floor I am like that's OK there's a couple we know you've got a propeller plane did he goes live. The are sleep deprived when you need to yeah like I don't come. As high as this could bribe his old playing poker games doing blow. Loss of the blazers last night. 115 to one of four Andy Miller and a monster night there really pulling an all nighter and hotels doing blow playing cards. Eight. James Johnson that he cut any at 24 points it was not enough. Miami's. Taxes and Tuesday night and so how do radio host Phoenix at 11:30 PM. Dion Waiters is DOC back in the regular season although he does say that his ankle sprain was much more severe than his last line and nothing has hurt this bad since he broke his ankle in college. And finally Miami Hurricanes last Friday to Michigan State 7250. It's our rights. When he gets sexy we're gonna get sexy in gilligan's sexy and even though I don't feel very sexy after he came on well but again in the mood sexy stats next. Yeah. Team then yeah. Yeah it's my game time at sunset place perfect spot to watch your genes play in over seventy TVs bullet from our great community mental Stanley. This gain time players dot com game time sunset place watch it play it when it it's game time. What else we know about this Tom Brady jurors in Jersey which has been recovered what else we know here. Well the reason it was it was it had the FBI involved whose Jersey was apparently on four and saw that. It's up. To an old country that knows details about a Victoria Canada I don't have that and has been leased by laser yeah. Well isn't going to be easy I would imagine to a low end zone doing that this country would probably have been very difficult. If it's Mexican trump is me so mad at. Me lo. Loves Belichick's we still Matta it's Mexico. Aren't you more Madison as Mexico or China. And in Mexico I don't know. Now although although could be north created yet stupid fat kid Kim Jong-un who took it. Steve has dismissed missiles there aren't Killen family members that make you Steve this year I hear this from LeBron. This is this is the exact about a couple months ago when sitting out okay this is from LeBron. And in his sleep fourteen years. Should not do explain. Me sitting at a game or not playing games I played every arena including Seattle it's no longer here. It's not like it's my first zero to fourteen years I've paid my dues. More than a lot of guys in the sleek. Now she's got months ago. I. Now want to go back to a couple of years ago. Amber in what sounds like gay pretty different person. Now wouldn't we sorry well and I am if I I and I'm actually not hunted down and going through via. The updated sexy sat is slim and I've been now working on our entire is I was lost in a reference about me handling to Johnson's ten. Scott what a disgusting. Thing is though I have paid my dues you've paid to do know actually you know what the league he's paying your dues you want ally is that you job. And so did he take as big fat checks from that rat snake in Gilbert. Let's get your ass and a basketball court is as big fat checks the code from ESPN NT NT. It's a look easy loud and I'll play these games but it sounds like a completely different player than you heard from a few years ago or he would tell you about how you're an idiot fan who's never seen me play it here. Florida now. And again I don't know nose and his now I. Time I'm ready for it is yeah it's a yeah. I was a little busy once McBride yeah I haven't pulled up a Brady got you under read an. No. No but decided he actually just moved our own arena. It sounds like gay it does it sounds a different guy needs to get older or more mature and you know media ate you know more confident after a whole lot of winning and that's great and that happens at any one OK but. That right there on the whole I'd been in this league for fourteen years I've paid my dues it's not my first year arrived you know I've played in every arena. And selling the same guy who from a few years ago who who sounded like to care about playing for every fan on every given night. That's. And it was just a few years ago yeah we're talk. I mean it would maybe be different this quote was from this quote that you now luxury it is I was from you know his first or second year in the league final were just talking about within the last few years he had this attitude and that all the sudden it's drastically changed now. These last you know two years in at eight inning Cleveland or since winning I guess is other championship maybe. And it's it it's it's really. Disheartening at bats. And you know it's such a severe change. Out it's not clear is an hourly pay dues to make more terrible game shows a maverick Carter we wanna see revolve play characters are so busy paying your dues you Texans show on the Coral Springs on monkey sex on 67 eyes and or white shortly when the money be less last stretch out a seasonal or more days. On short league because it is the games to be more important players not its patents mean I don't know beautiful forward. To rule. To Tenet is just four straight games he you know if you will op I don't wanna stretch this season out over more days toward long. I mean. It's it's so. It's an old man baseball basketball rules. On those guys on the money they wouldn't want anything to do with the stressed out season to season goes from pre season games start at the beginning of October and a finals and the mid June. Net. Any longer snow isn't the monotony to shorter season. Anything else mysteries he's got the pick up basketball to me on the on the side when it's over with the go to the summer league's top. A lot of bows on could you possibly lose your shot what do they do that for. Play this summer league basketball to try to stay in shape or for young players it's only on also really at the end older guys are good volleys on rookies and what the sort of center players. They fully taking time off. But more than a couple weeks is too. Never their deal when Mike would guys like LeBron Dwyane Wade and in their doom what do they do stage sometimes not stand now. But yet analysts are league's only for rookies and first you guys it's for really young guys yeah. Italy make ruled after missing five games non consecutive games player via a sit I don't understand English attacks. On the other same problem a player sitting out you shortly NBA season they're only 67 games teams implant spots locked up but still some players they sent out to wonder. No that's different sitting. App do you block double L spot to avoid injuries that's completely different story. That's what's going on here resting guys in December owns a couple of seeds seeds in you know on the 25 games into the season that's completely different story. How much is this is relying on sports science because I don't staking a factor in football as well with. And her mom we first started doing it we were swallowing these pills are like internal thermometers. And they were actually hold a thermometer your lower back hurt your abdomen trying to find your body temperature to find out how fatigued you were so I think the choice or do a lot of sports specific. Testing to find out when a player shuts down his body emissary gathering all that information and another creating actual time lines. Of one players are more susceptible to being injured lately look at Obama basketball. Literally looks at that and does something about the schedule goes these guys are clearly not gonna stop sitting it's getting worse and worse and works and works with SuSE sexy that's come on let's go. 100. His brother Basil action this season swings years he booted a whole lot more served up by the world famous. Owners girls tutors your headquarters all the games embassy in town dealers bought duck complication you amber. It's time to get I you ready to get sexy now Gaza because my attention was on this part of the segment earlier. Yeah he gets taxing it that's okay. Early on in the season. Some of our guys kind of failed to meet expectations. There was some small adjustments and a lot of practice. The fellas there finally coming contract since the first half of the season. For heat players have improved their three point percentage by double digits. Dion wedding waiters went from 3145%. Wayne Ellington. 32 you'd 42%. Luke Babbitt. 36 T 48%. And by far the most impressive. Turnarounds. Has been big Willie McGee he went for them easier. 50% but it's haven't had. 11 or two. Who went from Oprah once he stats. Government scientist at a Gatorade the still 50%. Stroke it. You grade I mean. You mourns its more news on Friday night the timberwolves couldn't handle the heat Johnson's. Tailoring Gene Johnson combined to hit seventeen of 25 shots. And to highly over slightly battered this field goal percentage reaching sixteen lane them lion. Teens out left now so last night he finished with 69%. Of his shots going in there you go. Knight center announced sexiest actress Mary dump. Speaking of JJ. You could argue that the heat's most important piece this year Timothy Johnson James Johnson and I mean that's you know. Is it required. They heater or worst for him off the court which than any other player. On the roster sorry about Manning didn't mean to interrupt you because when JJ isn't playing. He gets outscored by one point two points per 100. Best stats and talking about. Finish strong here amber Lee soft and finishes off all our pilots such enough. Felix it's enough sock some hard time. You guys seen. Foote Jon Garland Stanton thin or fat. Big about it his last night we'll tell it may handed he hit a monster. Home run in teen USA's victory against the Dominican. Stevens Don was the fourth hardest hit home run in the stacked cast era when the exit velocity. Of 117. Point three in my spare hour. The exit could potentially likely. Asked. We'll. Look at that moment. Sexist that's. Brought to you by rulers motors Florida dot com to find a location near you. It. It. See so many years all the links of same nominations every week so we are naming finalists. And you could be the one who wins the 500 dollars towards any tracks would alternative settings from Florida lumbered out of Florida lumber dot com swore lumber more than just a lumber Tobin who is the who is the first finalists are gonna ten finalists in them we'll announce the third ever. In dusty into the tool week hall of fame who is. The first finalist. From the first week that we are opening this up again our books are opened we're gonna welcome another member into tool we call fame Brian wins Orson Heath Bell. All are are currently in the hole wins or squid is the first ever. Tool we call fame inductees hangs from the rafters buys underwear who is out who is one of the finalists up drawing pass on for 2017. Very exciting lets those bills Illinois. And no this is a finalist this is not in any Don T yeah right right yeah. Who is it. Erin Wagner. Solid nominee publish wrong who nominate Josh McRoberts. Oak nine. I thought Erin Wagner was a nominee there are. Clearly says yeah I'll. You did admit that right owed anything here as we release that are not. The was little we know we're rolling out there and I both had confused looks and are they winners or personal analysts. Erin Wagner. Teams hit we that's a problem nominee of John from India now that you need to get to the second part of your statement there. Asked all right so Josh McRoberts is a finalist okay doesn't mean he's he's getting at a cable board asked you know vote on who actually gets it and it's committee of one noted. It picks the finalists and that's still OK so at present in nominee in your first year of eligibility is such OK very good hope. So Josh McRoberts he is he easy. For. Tool the week whole fame now burglar taxing in tools of the week as we're talking about it I. But where they they unfortunately would we want you to win the 500 dollars you only you don't win the prizes if you email Sunday morning showed its economic dot com we we appreciate your. It's suggestions and may take MD attacks you know middle so. You should send into its morning show at the ticket money dot com's that we can get in touch with you when and it'll queue up of weekly prizes and mediated grand prize which is a 500 dollars. Odd team he got people texting in here. I don't LeBron I know here is ideal operate the longer he plays at a high level better league is the one. It's a boy you want to play as long as possible allowed you'll also go to the amount of minutes that he's playing more than anybody can be as low. He's playing the most he's deadly near the top Arnold it's the arteries are mostly mostly just the most mentally more than hoarded and more than Westbrook. That surprises me is most and it's men I knew his near the top. Someone says here LeBron can act the way he is acting now because everyone likes and against its went back to the caps. Does exactly that it's certainly the winning there you know allows him to rule. You know dueled immoral what he wants and not cares much about one other people's sense. I don't think that's just the winning inheriting was the winning here do I mean that was a big thing it was Wyatt the promise that thinks so concerned with image before and now he's won multiple championships regardless of where he won and I. Ending once you into those multiple championships he was good anyway. We also heard ms. in his letter that he wrote to his wife basically thanking her for for. Being able put her on the back burner and his family and all the time he's missed due to the fact that he's trying to become the greatest. That is ever played the game it's that it's at internal motivate a great access something on but he pushed everything along with my guesses. Being able to be performing in front of the fan base who loved to miniature form for three years. My audience he is second in the league in. And he is not nominee is right here as second right he discussed the descent of program. I. Yeah he's right behind Kyle Lowry call out replace 37 point seven minutes at least 37 point six. And then Andrew Wiggins and call Anthony towns won at Thompson no I mean he has not learned his lesson from when he is in Chicago ha. Andrew Wiggins and call Anthony town's three grinding our present them my goodness and he knows it is go to that they're kids. They're like 21 and and 21 year at a gets when he and 21 years older stooges doesn't learn his lesson that it up to drive them to grind amounts or somebody else gets them when I was you that team you know coach he's the president choose that as the Sonics. Gilbert Balkans though owner of the team you don't go as elbit. Seed or grocery looks like. You cut you may have put it that. Means started fortunately those kids and the timberwolves might not. And any guy John Wall rounds out the top five and that makes my guess his practices aren't that light either. You might be just one of those old school coaches it's just grind the hell out of you all day every day. Players must not wanted to play for the sky right. I know the money from a really nice when they have to take I would imagine it's not the past. Out out imagine that tough fought like our players willing to take have you spoken any of the players that had an opportunity to go play for kids and maybe earn a million bucks more but they disagree I don't know I don't wanna do that because of the way that he runs his game and I answer to anyone line item and bite. Surely translators for you about it and don't wanna go play for certain coaches because the grind that they have they're not player friendly I'm sure. That exists. Now imagine the people that are lined up to the McDonald's some guys like that grind and the structure no not at all. Will they like structure but they don't like beating the crap out of each other and wearing helmets shoulder pads you know for the two days a week that you do have to hit. They huddled in France football and then basketball are. And that would be as much of a concern and basketball I think the last thing these guys want to run after the plane specially back to backs or even you know playing 82 games. Is going into a a practice facility and doing hardcore basketball training like especially if they got a game following I don't. He kind of known for the. Why do you simple yet they practiced hard and they're very hardworking. Organization very hard they mainly getting it were easy save I am not solid crime but he's he's so much more hard core even if you can believe because and in the room. Pat Riley's drill sergeant but as far is the standards that you gotta keep the heater. Probably near the top as far as that's not as concerned right and power was drill sergeant Lewis went far. Yes. Also now. Russell Westbrook. Seventeenth in only minutes played I thought even near the top ease under 35 minutes a game I triple doubles we have. Here's why aren't minutes. There were the first cut from the heat its meaning he does her usual well rounded team date you know draw it seems to be the team leader. In minutes played 39 in the league 33 and a half minutes a game. You sort of justice come playoff to get justice it's right justices the guy used to play a lot complain of time in team is ready to work you. Everyone plays. You know not not not not huge minutes and that only talent and some of the scrutiny out. It worked so hard to score a basket. He's the first ever to be called fame nominee and duck deal should take endorsed. The economists he missed a little bit kind of moment from 100 staff hot pics from him all the time. Or as much you. Yankees Miami out of his mouth a lot more these days needs him. Now I'm maybe you heard it told us what an instant offense. Nady heard me say keep and not enough. Possible. It was really your name that was in his Arnold's tournament. And Miami Miami. Marty says he's too.