ZRA Part 3 4-20-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, April 20th

Marlins best player, Ginger no-hitters, Zaslow's karate moves


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. I. 1000 dollars. That was our slam dunk right now Texans a 72881. Authorities put holds. Two Robert keeps the body and the hood of his truck today put HO OD per cent and 72881. On top of the car. Message that it may apply don't Texan drive it's the thousand dollar slam dunk on and 790. And FM one a four point three HD two to take it a bunch people ask him amber is today I should mention it again I mentioned it early in the shell she got up the next couple days when she got is a test and such as got in hopes and unfortunately season Leon cancel rest and that's got to maintain dish doing cancer stuff so she's out the next couple days. You know he was probably hold embers okay. There's no new news or anything like that something going on there. But every once in while she's not to miss a little at a time and she's missing today and tomorrow and to a Douglas on a Monday so there you go my. A guy text in in response to. Beat Pat Riley someplace where feels like you guys didn't listen to the press conference Riley as a trade for a top player set free agency. I guess ours on that would be I I I swear that you don't listen to my response to him was you mean what we're talking about right now. It's weird like I swear you don't listen that things are worsening. Here with her the X I mean it's exactly what. Not only not exactly what we we were saying a few minutes ago but exactly what I've been saying that once the point from mark is somewhat not really sure what's. Was going on there same old story he every year campaigning moment they're cheap asses. And what a dummy. Peter consistently one of the highest payrolls in the MBA as touchy bestseller has sexy pass. Origami. There's cheaper shirts that's only do. 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Man I got my school I hurt my bird Jersey that's the one Jersey that I always wanted to have a got the bird Jersey bench the Miami Heat. I don't know who's Arnold Wilson couldn't get don't like who's gonna be my guy now. On this current team. You know I got a good handle on it I got a Google Milan you don't wanna hasn't Jersey not. There's thing. Narron can't do good. And only those UN football. What. An and it was bush who drink. Shut up the jury for retired yesterday as as the Houston Texan by the way. But we don't dish out some problems. Broke through rule met your own rules man. That's disappointing. Friday's the only day that we do shout outs in the show now you now anoint him aside there Mendoza retired as tie in to real salt sustenance the dolphins mean yeah I was awful when that. What's your headlines around. Here's what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. This whole Lotta people that are mad at the statue idea but he also a lot of people who don't really give a damn on the tax on. Lot of people didn't wanna hear from Robert. Yeah a lot of people it's it's a you know you don't like the statue don't look at it in my parents know. I'm okay with the statute but it's. You know a lot of reaction. Is very very flippant. You know India attacks in does interviews BS no what the BS. A fellow who thought that we set the guy but he wasn't an actual. Man affected by irresponsible driving that's also gonna. Aren't spread the fake news against. With the New York Times the pages came up at a city has its sweet. Pages came out and and defended the picture. With the the in in the compare the trumped picture from 1215 points seventeen. And they put on hold breakdown they're these islands are brought to you by Taco Bell. You know is not an insisting that that didn't those uneasy resent it wasn't stink. News at one point when I was gonna I'd imagine you realize there's a balance in the fund senator Chris could you kinda got a petered out and climb. Crept in UFO's could blend and I'll Soviets and the sponsor did Peter Arnold. Anyway these headlines rusty by Taco Bell breakfast on drops the eggs bacon melted cheddar cheese in for hash brown had a morning before a morning let Taco Bell Mickey breakfast. Pat Riley had his press coverage yesterday and implant a bunch of the close to get this far though. Where he had a really really strong defense just one's Owen and and called the media for. Basically run him off I will take. Exceptions with some view here in the media but you're right because they're always in the numbers and and and look at that you specific things. Is that we're measuring the sky after like 75 games. And I think that's unfair. And I wish we'd get up is three point shooting you know because he's so much more than that. He's such a player. And it creates coast to coast and in all this stuff and and doesn't bother him because I guarantee that he'll make enough of them but. What they're we'll have in store for him and he will help us play with this group of guys. You know I mean when you got here and in India and Ellington and you've got. You know you. Change and you have. You know. Tyler you know others. You know Goran. Didn't need to clear that it's sort of like the backbone team prepare player that is that move so. It bothers me when guys you pull this out this thing. In in your ticket away from the guy to 75 games have been on the court whatever how many teams played last year. And I think it's unfair of him given a chance that he meaning me out. There was referring to there when you pulled aside with a bang. The restart and on a new poll numbers. Or air. Look you like Riley defended them okay that's a good job I think used under review by the way recently audience I was not there now don't me now I'm bombing. He's who you like Riley defended him that's for short. And what rise also seems completely fair about Hank. You know as an and then it's been a full NBA season like wonderful NBC's in for a kid who. Was a year removed Dow high school focus is going to be a learning curve and that's completely fair to the what's also fair is. Based on what we have in front of Massoud and that. Like that patties peer to do to to mention that OK I I I certainly understand their other things he does that don't show up in the box score yes but. Regardless. They do need him to be a much better. Shooter. Then what he's gained yes rebounds matter. Okay. The ball handling matters. Obviously to defense matters in a very big way bought. You know justice Winslow who played for you have to mention that later this year. And and by the a's put a total of 96 games a little more than a full season but you do you'll have to acknowledge. That no matter how good defenses and no matter how much other. How many other some little things he does out there when he shooting 36% overall overall not from three when he's shooting 36%. Overall. And when you're taken to three pointers a game and shooting just 20% to killer. You have to acknowledge. Now you'll love Riley stand up Brent. And certainly he's gonna be a lot better. Then what he was this year because his numbers are very bad and used play her she give him credit there butts. It is what while it's fair for Riley to mention your grainy kid in 96 games. Who came as the NBA your mood at a high school it's also fair who. Judge. Him based on the only body work that you have. There are gonna go by the by a normal trust and Riley. Clearly sees something that we do not see in Winslow and they understand that is a good move learning curve opens Winslow but. I don't necessarily agree with that because Riley's going to pump up this guy. Whether it's because he he wants his guy to get to conference or because he wants pop up trade I would outlets of the league's entrance is not with us this transmission once anchored hasn't of trading days of straight night reported back on Hillary and I guarantee that he wasn't going to get the water and you wanna have that guarantee. War whatever he's gonna say he's not only were who was born in trading what's happening to someone so calls up and once justice was humbled that a package sealed because they seeded things justice Wenzel that the heat also seek. And rousing nod as a member that day on April 19 Grice and not trading him. Who cares about violence and lied straight again it's often. I just think though with two with justice we were all. Crazy excited about his rookie season and has to lenders were wrist injury in a shoulder injury pretty important things for guys don't just shoot us now. We clearly saw with with. Shooting why is Richardson looked like he was about to go on similar type Ron. You know the indices Israel. He looked like he was about to go on a similar type Ron that he was on the second amp a last year he was very good shooting the basketball the last few games very good but. You know the got to facts. You know Winslow played hurt this year. Any was also offensively was really that. But they're really pushing him aren't even when he was shooting horribly they kept giving him the ball to go up the court with a man in a final shots were I think when. I think that right there the way to get around so him being left wide open to shoot those threes is. Like I've liked him handle on the basketball because he can create some offense in this way the can't sleep mope and they leave mope he's gonna drive the basket for lay up. I liked him handle on the ball. I think you're gonna see more of that until he can improve his three point shot otherwise. Really mall lone standard in the quarter to shoot 40% three is now personally I would mind JJ continuing bringing up the ball. I get that started to happen the second half of the year and and just is obviously gone by that yes obviously they should continue doing that yes. You see this the other day. The end of the national res can I meant to bring us up to yesterday. At the end of the nationals braves game OK is two out who strikes in the in the odd ninth inning OK in the top of the night. And Daschle's it was a national reasoning is nationals and Phillies. Couple days whoever nationals. And at the end of the game. Swinging strike three okay nationals away players all come off the bench. You don't come to congratulate each other. Home plate umpire CB Buckner. Rules it was a foul tip. So everyone's got to go back in the dug it everyone fought game was over to the matter rules of the foul tip. Game keeps going off and bases loaded onto waited to run game a big spot regain its load OK pitcher winds up. Striking him out swinging on the next picks always dread striking out twice. Again Libyan no harm no foul but he go back to the replay okay. This batter swung and missed at that pitch he missed the ball by a good six inches. It wasn't even low loose. To being a foul tip. Not even. Looks. And home plate umpire seemed bunker ruled it a foul tip and so when a game was actually over. And they struck him out again. Nationals were so angry Jayson Werth came don't play these points in yellen in the face the one. He's pointing yelling and basis CB Buckner and after the game is solace in the news this series stopped. These games are important and you got to competence and have never seen anything like that before. He was pointing in which case you don't have. Used for referred to him there was talk at all do umpires never and referees they never asked to comment after games I don't think we've heard from him yet no they never to come and not like I thought I heard the bat and a bit. Hitting the catcher although zappos Tony's comment tipper and the east commons and the and the ball the ball went in the dirt too so was one of those deals are because is sleaze drank three. The cash urges had to step on home plate sales force out there aren't there first. Arm. And he wasn't within six. Inch. I I look. You know on the all over. Officiating yeah MBA remain in this a call like that is affordable pants you can't be a Major League umpire and missed call that that. You're not may lead on Byron and. As essentially what Jason what was saying after the game. You can't be in Major League umpire. Missed call as true texture text in that Kellogg is worse then got hit in the face and it was a strike. About that was to strike when when Stan got hit in the face like with delegate foul tip hit in the face or was it really matter I. I don't remember but it feels called a strike it's because he swung at it in and am I actually on her and her securing of the bat when he tried to you know families and what is the text or want it swings at a when he swings and it's a stroke. And he okay. Yet in the face of the apiece when it's all I know it's not a strike of if you got hit with the bowling no he swan song. Resume attacks or want to announce spots. You're right in percentage terms that are what was worse sorry but if you'd be sworn swan mules are gonna in the face it's too bad. You have that earning team. Where you guys knew conceded Walker's widely regarded one of the worst umpires in baseball. And it's probably what the animosity from Jayson Werth after the game stems from woods in his face and pointing and yelling and causes. It's probably it's probably part of like I'm so tired of you working hard games you will next play do you have that during the we games where you know it's like we got this umpire is lying Jonas this guy Sox renew America's uniform by name by phasing this guy's terrible. You to report card prior to going and I believe on Friday that can't believe this guy get the head coach is on a Friday or Thursday and coach goes and puts the pictures of there frees up on the board and they'll let you know. How many flags they throw what he reads shall we yeah they know. Well what you can get away with you can't get away with one hammock a little bit more flag happy in the holding calls and the other guys no elitist guy Sox can't live got more and again we. And I happens Greta Brett but but the world really respected you know attorneys judges. Ehrlich Romans this idea that actually uphold standing careers. As a is not enough for holding these guys accountable. Did you see the plan talk about Tillman know. I've added nothing that's good contribution. IP stands. That's on Santa's argued that it. But it feels like after her playoff it. I need bands now put American Airlines rated it between ten and 6 PM it is heat. Culture debt. All right. That means that most of the merchandise at the eighteen stores 50% off today Udonis has one's gonna be there are photos and autographs. Between two and 330. Even school miscarriage of photos and autographs during his show known as boy I am. I may be denied I don't know I I did kind of just add that part but he is doing it showed they're for you Allstate photo with the three. Larry O'Brien championship trophy right Bernie in the heat dancers are going to be there should do and that is that American on GT eight and ten and sixteen I want to go. Which are GAAP. Some magician normally cost. Sure to beat store it regular shirt but this one I'm wearing yeah. Thirty box. So at the nugget of fifteen is pretty in the weren't there as hot. A sovereign there not hot topic but as it is but it's it's this warm I love hot topic five dollars and I go is that store every time at the mall and guarantee guarantee on. I'm on a lot to get assured hot topic and every time when all of that store. CB Buckner called third strike and acting like it's. It's really that. Net pretty brutal veto the jump was a little bit flustered at the end of that you stared down the pitcher a little bit that's not a Major League umpire you can't allies against Iran can't I'm sorry. I can understand why you gotta wrong has been because the catcher missed the curve ball went into the dirt so. And he stood up a little bit might block the view in and I imagine the sound of the ball hitting something might have thought it was a foul tip the fact that the catcher couldn't hold onto it. A decision. Made a felt tip call and bring the grounds crew back into the that this policy. But hello. Hello once how once the hitter starts walking towards the dug outs and and team it's in the fields are gradually each of these is kinda eat out once they're OK I must have must submit a short period. Opposition to the long haired bearded Fella coming in from Jayson Werth and so Matty plays the field became minute he's on the outfield he came not you know in the outfield. When he's claiming Heidi Cameron and not bills and missed another called the mayor and a million that we just watched the news is lower should have been. A bounced one hopper that the guy throughout Nicole and actual tag fly out. Missed calls happen okay by mid that is caught it as not a Major League umpire EEE candidate that can't do. Christian theology yesterday deviancy amazing catch in center field went face first into the wall. Literally face burst into a wall it's surprising he doesn't ever broken nose. I expect decrees announcing terribly bloody notes as it was pretty I am Pacman. Goes crazy and he's the best player. Ruth oh yeah and to a comfortable saying oh yeah. Yeah. Prince didn't. Yes. And and it doesn't even have to do is Lorena. And that's the only guy you'd be lying could you know is he better than Ozuna. 'cause as a result to great starts. Yeah oats body of Warrick is will be better than you go with yellen to being the better player being the ones best player right now Mr. President may get a bit at the end of the year we could have a different conversation. And Ozuna could variable beat them all desperately right now to pick which guys want has let. The coach. Rights hundreds the Gordon the pressure. News outlets are. He skipped out on the news. In the store remarks it back although cabana Tony fifteen Jews Barry I'm not milk. Get back into a bag that batting champion juice or soda you'll find a LeBron Bain lab man seriously it's Omar. Someone around here. Christian Argentine has homered again yesterday by the way. Again right yeah. Let's have worn only here for him he has four of exam and has three standard and law stand homer yesterday to stand an absolute bomb one reported fourth street. And yeah just even off to that great to start. These slugger and that's why. It is and you I'm not is a talented he's been started for average again right the good solemnly let's go man afternoon. Lose and you gotta Decker he had last week. Ever doubt that. Via the Internet says different that's forever you eating crow. It dig warns all Toobin well I mean I guess is he's probably have a good last -- games got the batting average of over 300 now when he was all to a slower starts. He has a the last couple days and get some hits. And the watched it and now. What stands off his is typical slow start and that's what expect. You thought that playing in the World Baseball Classic maybe it's not a bit quicker start. But did it homer industry. It's here and it's on the talks the best player baskets in the league Matt and noted that at all really. Really ever stories to owners it's been fourteen games. Fifteen and fifteen games. Quoted bush certainly good. I just say I like to team and its allies in fifteen games. On the go and secrecy Yeltsin more as best player averages he meets up. Against insulting if you were to say that he's betting Kristi ouch. Insult it is insulting it is the junk colonel Stan was in New York market my answer to fly operate now. Have flown it was an awful lot blood but he'd. It would be seeing how junk policy and would handle actual pressure. Okay does what he gets down here is not pressure heat that dude gets a big fat. Jain pass something that nobody can see where giant was King Tut underwear and sleeve shirts and in our he gets the pass on drilling when he passed what what. Like in terms of signing a massive deal he signed a deal a couple of years ago and also what is been the build the product of that 300 something million dollar investment. If he played in New York. Chicago. Saint Louis. Bob Olson of course considered prior to their mental out there he'd be DEB getting absolutely annihilated. And I. To have that contracts. And zero post season appearances and by the way to have ended the season that he had last year he was not. Is not and he's always hurt. He's played. Last time to call to probably 245 games and 2014 which was probably right forty signed the contract. This article has its fifteenth season what does it do as others here in new do OK so. The last time that he 845 games into when he fourteen that's good like you would love to get a 145 games editor and Carlo. By since then I mean you know 74 games in and you know we understand why. 119. Last year that this kind of games. Two and a scams. Yeah the pressure analysts earlier after digs in that weird hand injury didn't it took them half of the year and it wasn't news thirteen that got in the face. No fortune ordinances all it that's what he missed the last however many games are going to be so he was healthy the whole year and that you're and 201480. Missed the last couple weeks and still played a 145 games he's very healthy. And ideally placed every four games and and then last year also he missed the last sports and I remember correctly is in his contract the majority of it back end loaded on he's starting to get paid like this year like now he's making some money not not really easy money gets vicious forts and a half yet now he's making good money next year's 25. Addicts are you rate he's making good money now. It finally kicked in. But next series starts to make the crazy money. As 3629. Million is 35 and 32 million and is not any not a bad deal. Way I don't want to buy but he gets he gets. Zero. Pressure here in self out there what though he's not often late sometimes a caller he's got off to abysmal starts in April is not Terrell no you're right he's actually been fine. He's actually been pro Israeli slow starter all terrible terrible and then like it but held on these months man yeah he's actually been fine right. But since that's the problem he's been thought this team can match. It's doing. That's have been a lot more close to the season and comparison you're there or on team no sure don't dish it all year. Especially if Christian elegy is Broussard and a little bit of power and especially morsels tuna is turning it the guys that they hope he's going to be any got a catcher who can hit which is very rare. You hit. Bly but pitching is that they're gonna be eating meat that sort of pitching and you saw Austin yesterday where. You don't guy who's supposed to be their number one guy and not an guys was not fair but but and symbol Kansas is your ties in the top rotation he has rushed. And and every. Outing so far friends and Balkans he's going up against the other team's top got this against the alternate yes in like an like that. Every time pitches Conant against the other team's top guy in the Balkans maybe one point inscrutable has been considered an Asus Saturn about it more as many. Had ever tried daisy and watch its way into. The militant. Group column to any known so. You know from a Mattingly taking him out and I'm listening yeses Levitt's our show. I'm Billy deal is ration your motive Raikkonen he has irrational hatred for Don Mattingly nobody is spot on. Who the hell cares about we ancient getting a no hitter I don't care about that for second there's the wants to win. There are winning a and and and maybe it's because Mattingly took him out when he did that. I don't care about Williamson getting in a leader like that at that does nothing for me in the blue and go to the other day. News of the kids go don't care. Along the monster went I don't care about danced really getting no waiters deathly don't care about wage and getting an argument mourns one as there religions that there are no better. There have been a ginger to throw a no hitter. And history to question my guess is there has been. You know that. Mean the ginger pitcher erratic don't. You know agent pitcher we have more than stance really. Tora asking in a no hitter into aside from the guy here. Well I mean there's there's there's never been as you know I ginger pitcher and who's been ought to weigh anchor pitchers like. Packers' league with a mustache and long here and again looks like the way it usually who's gonna kill the bird the big Fella from rim and Johnson and coach. When anchor. Boy anchors now. He anchors. Let's give away their tickets that's scorpions magnet concert. One in the psychotic and influential hard rock band small time. They're returning it to its war monthlong run dates and B of the BBT senator. On Saturday October 14 if you if you wanna join the scorpions community. Is it score means committee dot com tickets on sale to the public tomorrow I am you'd check it out at meetings he's in her box office online at Ticketmaster or charge by phone. At 807 or by 3000 but right now corner five and cons assigned 76584079. You'll disable the pair ticket to see scorpions. And a mega death. You learn that. Aides say it's entitled trapped broadcast at Dave and buster's in Hollywood spotlight on B Charlie Davidson on Thursday night April 27 at 7 PM. And given way dolphins pre season tickets Dave and busters eight play watch sports spots let Tommy Troy Davis in a Harley-Davidson's always first round draft pick pick one up. At Palm Beach partly in west palm amber our sweet amber is out today she's out tomorrow should back on Monday innings finally do and you know she's not the missile limited time here and there. That's what she's going to right now but she's okay. Not think brass in and she will be back on Monday especially negative personal attacks in. Yell what do held blonde in the loops. Don't get worried she we'd back. On Monday. Someone's asking dizzy and scorn exhorted broadcast from the heat culture like celebration today at the Reno at the heats the war. And so when asked him to get gambling tips from Ethan while we're there and I would say why not. Absolutely. And like. How momentum that may be some go away for awhile on if you wanna get these things tips find out find out. What the trifecta play it is all right. I would absolutely talk to is don't ask them for her current advice some grass is it true that Hernandez has the first trial and appeal a not guilty is on trial since he's dead he's not real big it would appear in court fur. His crimes and be vacated Dennis and he's eligible to get his NFL pension and signing bonus from the patriots. But I don't think the first trial is in appeal yet I think he's he's he's he was going to appeal it and certainly still well. Because it is yet they had this bull low. Law in Massachusetts where. Apparently it's going to be vacated now he's dead is and don't exhausting all of his. You know options. Including the appeal and and yadda waited I understand it is it seems like up one final call on against the NFL on the New England Patriots from Aaron Hernandez. And that yet he will still get that pension which Robert describes as you know for a player who is in the NFL offers short period crime that he was solid huge pension. We get you get the maximum every year were I believe it's either 115 or 125. And you're allowed to put in up to eighteen or 21000 policy and ultimately go to one on our on the on the investment for your 401K so every year just to kind of like writers you random number it put about 300 grand and opt soared thirty something grant 32033000. And and if you're only going about 45 years not a massive 401K pension granite it's gonna grow bomb. And you don't get your annuities and you don't hear your severance and soft like that until after your fourth year in the NFL you gotta go. Three and a half years in order to get. To be like certified to you know like a veteran pension wise and then yet to go. Four years since three games to get you're you're new repackaging your annuity package is another one that. That he probably just started receiving which is about seventy grand a year so. It's not like he's gonna be getting a massive pension and then you're going to be coming out and have to do the fact that he's not gonna do are receiving and it's going to be his spouse receiving it and and his. This child so. I would really focus too much on but again yes he made a good point it is better than not. Hey Abbott tech sir Roy Halladay adds a ginger who pitched a no hitter 2010. Yeah out of ginger I think he is. Know Roy how I know I need judgment on this sneaky is I just didn't judgment. I think here's ginger can't you can't categories is no time I don't care. Juan you know an honor. Derek Jeter future owner of the Marlins might monster only Derek Jeter is teaming up would Jeb Bush senior there'd there'd joining forces. To own the Marlins and it. In honor that I I watched her on the brink a watched their two meters final at bat. And Yankee Stadium near mammoth sound storybook it's it's it really is like a movie it's so good and he gets the base it on the first pitch to drive in the winning run. Ella Jeter. Good anymore. And gets the base hit. In his final at bat a Yankee Stadium winning run comes in they mobbed and it really is so cool and I care about Derek Jeter and a deadly don't care about the Yankees. And it's so cool. Which is better Jeter in that spot. War. Kobe Bryant's sixty points fund. Jeter Jeter Jeter ran. All the mail and we also won the nineteen by the you know as it look like sixty points they can't even from blog the lakers. Were down double digits in the fourth quarter that team Colby led them back. You be you're dealing with hours of bowing out and I'm doing with a one climax moments of of the ball coming off the bat to do that you know. Go G girls so. Isn't that law and moments. You get beat you get the emotional explosion. As opposed to co Europe you're watching you watch you'd be able you know but that one moments explosion. You're united talking about something different on talk about sports here but that one moments. Ideology. So we agree. And we by the we've. He considers although I mean that the bees can take your scrap. Oakland Ethan even had a response shots fired. You think these can take you to scrap. How. Ultimately I don't play the game isn't there. Inundated Nogueira came up on your so little target you talk a lot of smack and saying that you know Amber's more important than me in terms of why. Most positive response that I wanted to to my children born snatches. Many do you drop is book bag and miserable here handsome you know move is this part of the hand right here boom but the nose. It's we feel like the killer move boom. He had done. It by if if if I hit right dead. If I ate it less than right at the worst you can't see because your eyes water so hauler. How much force you going to be put behind that pomp for us will see alias and worst case eyes water so hard. Is no it's news from the upper cut with a things in bend down these once the couple crew he's watched American injures. Crime movie. Just like that moving slow. To all my one about. Felix and in don't want about a I think in the studio and I'm trying to do on China to solely on I think I'm pumped the black and my nose quicker and that. Throws one up there. And set cooked real quick certainly there are definitely McGregor Jose Alba I only care because because I don't I don't break out fighting skills and less you know it's a 100% necessity. Bly and a lousy is being sent by Ian will be like that. He said he boom very enemy the sound effect when he doesn't do which is going to be a funny thing. It's not like it definitely boost finally from. You can want one step up broke. Norman so vote. All is value. Let us sergeant next.