ZRA Part 3 9-12-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, September 12th

Zaslow vs Fake Ajayi, Weather Reporters, Big Deal Not A Big Deal


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So amber mentioned earlier last hour and she'll gladiator. Should be headlines coming up a couple minutes will also be a big deal not a big deal NFL style. In the 8 o'clock hour. This house talk out loud. On Friday on Thursday or Friday last week. Where you know what. The dolphins. Should tell the NFL they don't wanna play in London. This. Is talking out loud and but it ought to speak. To tell the NFL they're not gonna plan one and. And that the want to gain to be in Miami because they're traveling look. The team Stephen Lawson a terrific job all bowl and players and staff who were still in town who would not fled yet from the storm. Get a lot of players who left on their own my 20 Wenzhou last week once they were dismissed and those players had to report. Back what had to report the team in Los Angeles last night. They got mandatory team meeting today so they had to find the wrong way to Los Angeles. But the rest of the team. Along with staff and families. Stephen Ross short plane. And liberal and out Los Angeles last week so they're flying to Los aunt and the cowboys are given their facility really great men. So and and just a terrific job by Steve. And a bunch of dogs he flew Monday he flew he flew pets out there as well from an Ira and it's really cool. Again I. I I if I felt for a long time that all of the Stephen Ross is a lousy owner stuff news is on warned it was always unwarranted and it's unwarranted. I think it's at adding to writes I think it's always been in unwarranted. Why can't stop I have to. Expects to Paribas. I think it's another example of it being completely and warns just terrific job he's blind everyone back all the families find it on back on his died okay. And so anyway the team is fly the team flew last week to Los Angeles. They're gonna hang out there for a oral week. And the team is then gonna fly back to four lark they went back home. And then there eventually gonna fly to New York. And then they're gonna fly back home and and a flood a lot and and I to fly back home and have finally gonna play a home game October. A month month bigger play on. Forget the play in the home game part in a month appear that it's you know didn't seem fair that they have to wait that long to have a home game and care about that part. It's the travel OK it's the inconvenience. And unfortunately the storm. Is a huge inconvenience. For everyone and adjustments need to be made. I got out. Should tell the NFL we don't want plan want to move that came back to Miami Dolphins play the game against new ones in mine to be a home game in Miami. Just makes everything so much easier. And then you find out Stephen Ross actually asked. He acts like the war is stupid idea you know sank remake set disaster ready to actually great IT. I was stupid in the back deadly there's no chance that it actually happened as other stupid. And seeing Ross actually cast. And many animals that no. The NFL game thanks now so real quick shot that down now eating his games going on and won the Italian. I really pisses me off. It does but I understand the NFL's position their I have to get the NFL has paid. Being probably a lot of things in and plays a counting on my game I think you probably have a lot respond to its ships a lot of other things I mean it's not as if bag team. The games in one plans. Are so unique is it's not as if there you know can be. Easily be rescheduled or removed our you know you satisfy those sorts of relationships and some other manner is seeking its exchange. OK but that it's it's dollar judges change actual disaster it is and I'm sure in those sorts of contracts that there is. There's clauses. Where you know if if there was a natural disaster there in London in that the game wouldn't be laid it but it does you know sportsman dirt Clyde is. Regarding those relationships with the NFL wouldn't be applicable to hurricane from weeks ago that happened in Florida that doesn't actually impede. The teams from traveling there it's just not how it works I mean unfortunately it's not a it's not all Blake you think it is where these are all you know he and shape wink we deals and then everyone's is going to be oh how I. Think the integrity. Of the game. And what's best. For all teens involved. Is what president. The integrity of the game like it and my guess is that I don't know quite how those contracts are no I don't have a problem. Again it's a natural disaster top ranked I have a problem dolphins plane sixteen straight weeks that's and the breaks man. It is not a whole lot you can do about that. But that is. A disadvantage when the dolphins a swipe goes to eat out okay but it is a disadvantage for the dolphins solve somehow. Wiggle lesson. A disadvantage over here. Over and make things a little bit easier for the dolphins and all I guess is not saints but the Buccaneers in whatever fashion and am able to make things easier by doing. So what else. This team should be comedy. And it's not as if it's not like ten years ago. With the dolphins are playing in the long game and one organs. Its war games that are being played in ones so what do there's only. There's only here for games though your acting lake so I mean it's still what it there's so much that goes into that you're completely minimizing what goes into. Having those games in London and what is riding on those games in London how much white writing and how much money has changed hands and those sorts of things in their does that all sorts of contracts get it back it's not and it's just frankly not how it. Were trillion dollar business. That money it's Nile works thousands of the biggest British star on your team now. Bill ill get over. It's not say get over but if you're gonna market out to blended in the and you have a running back who's from London. Next year how how it Jane have felt Tobin of the game had been canceled in London. It's a week I just thought it would no additional ports you wished you. It's. Shoes. Approached. You'd probably its currency. And that you used the bolts. Respectable loss. Or should. Old. Too old and Steve rolls. Consider all callers is not all. You would fullbacks but you'll Ricky Williams. The OJ Simpson. Did you ought to be bought. Is it more yeah I'll love there. These are embryo is around throw. It really it really (%expletive) me off when I go to Betsy Ross actually did ask the NFL and I tell you what else it (%expletive) you off that he circus Null and the animals that no other great daddy gas and he had the guts to ask 88 hits it pissed me off that especially as my idea I'm pretty sure are organized you know I'm problem lines and measurement all right now. On the up this meal at the end of bell declines and I could just imagine the NFL's reaction to like no real explanation to Stephen Ross is asking really nicely. As legacy and also been a good soldier makes a good owner and he pulled his own money into that stadium. Every year he's up yet I'll try to hold the city of Miami and the dolphins hostage when it came to the Super Bowl situation we're never goes to war again. And it adds Joe Robbie Stadium because it rained one time it it. In a millions to bulls if all we have suborn blitzer OK it rained and rained one tied a million tries. Would never a noticeable again in messy public 500 million dollars into that stadium otherwise were holding your city completely hostage and. I wasn't just it wasn't just about the rain suit I'm not seating him did need. Did needs a series race and there are a lot of beautiful new stadiums around the country. And and what is and what is even Rasual. Homes all of his money into that seeding and that's exactly what the and it asks don't by the way what a symbol that he didn't get it he's it didn't get a good. Owners as Elizabeth owner but there's no clause and I would imagine in the in the NFL contracts that. The NFL has overbearing Europe with CDM and the that the all the sponsors and everybody else I wouldn't doubt that there is a closet. That because Stephen Ross is a good owner if you want the game live but he can have a new because there's a hurricane. Ia five weeks before in a in a different country. You know is legally insane okay I didn't care on the UNC school room and okay I'm swallow. London. Its rules London okay. She's going to plug in a little far there on its hired I'm hired this long in the nonsense the National Football League okay. It's the United States and North America 100 you can't lie. Wanna get and you're right many soccer teams and you lie when his soccer teams are playing here may have Real Madrid or sales near her home I wanna mission you are any of them are playing down here you know that you want to add them over here you 100 either WS storm you know I want us over there went our number one you know our hearts skip you wanna for football but you don't wanna for. All you don't ever schedule a million pre season games and wonder every gimmick over here these are games at friendly's. Exhibitions schedules a million NFL exhibitions you know what I think every pre season game as a matter of fact. This pre season game played in this country. A month to play every single pre season game. In London soccer game neighboring your know you can't. Let them there I don't say it on the jags lamb London send. Emory NFL's receding in London I'm hired this one did begin the National Football League. Is in the United States of America I'm not this one that. I'm not losing the home games on its talked to Tyson. Big great commissioner the NFL you -- you make Vienna ball -- of that money authors don't make money you know at Florida international terrible for business it's always about you has Landis is spread it all out your head to the beginning while checks all example owners that they are quite get the ID EA is popular all in all around player of the NBA all got -- can you imagine Matt Stafford deadly wanna be able to get the concert got there won't play gives and long live big morons and be allowed do you go back and universal mania it was just cancer all international day period god forbid he got to play game overseas. Not prepared. I'll tell you what else. I don't wanna hear this talk anymore. All of us have to Monday seem played over seas because the Balata ball started oh yeah overseas amber and all the little guys don't play overseas anyways tell me it doesn't offend you that they talk about soon. It's this at the national holiday for us he did the Google goes on all sponsors Aegon violent and they can afford a suit and literacy to go to. Collins meets my 41 assume. You play I can watch law and logic Damon and being played in blood and easily as I want one B knowingly in Texas. I like 9:30 AM and yet that's the only positive all the lights on on with this one. A Super Bowl overseas fans wore. An incident to cool Hubble. Just like Cuba. And some European football. It's. All of you don't do your best. I loved age guy a team article like four on Monday goblet and otherwise you and it offends me. But he may consider. The dolphins in Miami incident in money considering the it's going on. He went John Jay Wright is heavily on big game rams know and that he does a and it's Holcomb the NF LX. And a lot. Our high. Olson an actual team. Locate him once and for seems a flying seven how is he. You attitude begins using flying seven hours T use sounds like flying 24 offensive against ever done it Spezza east you don't ever done it's it's East Coast. Not that Russia rebel. You would say Xena. Art ever Calcutta phobic you wanna kill what is right I'm done this London. Ellis played United States importance not to be dumb of me doing headlines they may need to do at some point here. Want to show America more that'll put them I just ended the games month and they're not. All of them oaks. As an undated little Balkans. Golf and blow. Either and that brought you by Gillette on demand dot com for a million Americans we got to July at Shea intellect to working to bring you America's number one saved a lot wrong. Enjoy your very wrong I'm not on demand dot com and get every fourth quarter for free. The vikings and he played in America. They defeated the saints last night 29 to nineteen Sam Bradford 340 states yards three touchdowns delving co when he to carry a 127 yards. 21 diver blocked a potential game tying field goal with 12 left on the clock there's not a. Single NFL fan who is sitting around like handy you know what. My team was playing one. I actually. A whole lot of NFL fans in London man and probably are exactly sitting around thing and that and alias sentencing on Al shams let you know our sub I has single and a golf fan. In in the United States like in the city edema sank. Pushed all the district. Going in one day job is probably an out of house and fans involved in the desert seeded dolphins plates that Abbas even though their team in the United States America yes I'm writing none of us can see the game the singles group ASEAN decision yourself and real grows more in this listen. The games get bigger guy minimal. Is the walls give me. Engineers on back tarred Iraq's stadium that attorney is in the area the team's facility in dvd player who didn't eat. Who's. Is walls and old world the walls the. Our rules. And of Marlins weren't. It's a roof was damaged by hurricane Irma. Heard in arm as the winds also damaged the root of the heat's practice facility. Coatings and owned and according to Miami Herald the heat are only taking Dwyane Wade back if he accepted it bench role because it's a disaster some fault. Maiming hurricanes' game against app as she was moved to October 7 the Georgia Tech game now was moved from October 12 to October 14 everything statements may. Cardinals running back David Johnson will likely missed twelve weeks with a wrist injury. Jaguars wide receiver Alan Robinson is out for the year with a torn ACL on low and think it's a lot more Damian Willard says Carmelo Anthony is not against being new to the trailblazers. The big show. Friends the show is going to have hit surgery to solve. Ron stroman don't do OK guys gonna have surgery the beach it doesn't appear to anymore not shades of hell now that we needed me out now. It's shocking when you go out of a giant voice back into the Tobin was talking Tony Romo is getting rave reviews for his broadcasting debut. I added in united I didn't hear any of the inner power would have a nice to predict plays it's it's amazing. And finally a man who married a computer and then sued the seat in Alabama for not recognizing his machinist sexuality. While they recognize. Well they'll love beyond two zeal of the Alabama doesn't believe in love. Big deal not a big deal and BellSouth next the weekends. I posted something but I want to mention again. You know all reporters out there. The news reporters the news anchors. The weather folks. Just an unbelievable. The last few days I mean that is not an easy job. Very hard job hours at these people are working are covering this Obama to win so little and unbelievable. Still going on and it's not necessarily safe. OK a lot of them rather I mean CDC does geez Fernandez the other day it's one of those videos that's that's you know making the rounds where she's outside in Florida city. South side in Florida city and she blown why. Oh really yeah do lions on the air huge gust of wind you seeds aren't an NC yeah. How many that's what the weather to like the real storm shelters. They all Wear helmet some of them Wear body armor so that they get blown away they're okay. Now she's just in her raincoat and hooded and it's really loud and it is almost like she's on analyst sunny and she gets you know with a round like. 78 feet so you can. She should all ready I'll let you get stumbles backwards yeah we stumbled almost off camera and they hold her off camera raw. Like guy reached late producer reached his hand out of holes are and and she threw it back to the you know studio woody does Vegas of the saw some of the sun social media over the weekend of people being mad at. TV networks and TV producers for putting arms and that's position selling. Adds it's silly you know it. Then it well because I don't be stupid because a lot of people ion on the Internet or watching things like the weather channel where the guy is. Actually in the eye of the storm so he's actually standing there against a 140. Mile per hour winds. And he's can barely stand it he has a car in front of him to try to block some of it and he but he's the guy with the helmet on and all that. Know that it'll lives for that moment that guy in particular I mean that's not only to your local news reporter who now let's put on the weather. Tracking a covering whether it was never you know what I wanted to cover a weather than operas in some Alley you know I'm really dangerous conditions there or maybe you could be a little bit. More concerned. But would these meteorologist candies professional Storm Chasers there's some storage users who were tweeting out videos from Key West. Who also have a channel on on whether her show on weather channel and I'm sure you'll see some of this later on their on their show. Eventually I mean those people are professionals and those people also live for these moments and this is what they do they're not being forced to do it knew the essentially want to limit further job and they're being paid to do it's well. Let you know they show is of course you know going to die. Was some of these other I mean you did see you saw you know Adam Cooper scene was backed down here you know he works now for NB CNBC affiliate in New York City and they sent him writings is its first week work they sent back down here to cover hurricane. You know with things like item and he's a news anchor for them. You know maybe he's not necessarily particularly expecting to cover the hurricanes so maybe you could be a bit more critical Emmy night is dumping dangerous to have. Really it is silly outward Darius and send that Steve Shapiro great ironies here is steals heroes out there and doing battling the elements an instant yes in some things if he was in some. The situation that maybe was any of us who work in media all expected that committed to tap into us except for that slogans to tell the bosses nothing. Certainly I get asked every year to do hurricane coverage and that's true with most we don't do our media is. Experience and have insinuated that do that in this series it's my son has alleged he's been right up for a DB wants to do you know yeah. Noting that a funny standup or is that either got to be out here I think it's too I'm too old for this week. That leave yeah yeah Cory he's some young up become a pup that needs to beat you roll. His way maybe they are you critical producer sitting up Steve Shapiro into the eye of the into the elements that what they want Illinois not only area known. CCZ should be. The governor in the Chris Cuomo is that the guy who does their morning show up he's out there just in the rain. At one point you can see him like that this is this is water covering the lands it is like I took them to activists just like you look at a face. Overall god bless these reporters who wore out there he is like the folks are being critical percent and other these New. York. Okay and only your benefit. Their job. Is a little relief for you wore. An. And it is breezy when your covering storms or I mean you don't understand these people are. Are living at their speech I mean do legitimately living I mean there's there's tense set up at at the local stations here where these reporters are sleeping in tents and they're sleeping on air mattresses is on the job and they having gotten to go home to their families in four days it all they've done is twelve hours on twelve hours off of hurricane coverage freer. That's true with all of these people it that you're seeing on TV all of the local news Asians and and in the national ones as well although local news stations as reporters. And angers are all sleeping at the station and some of them have children and they don't get to see jumper for Fides on ends. Just. I rocks ours all those folks although the weather folks the reporters these mean not use I learned as you are not here I noticed that and we they're doing just aren't covering it well you could have a you can have driven in your last Doubleday is negative and a helping people out sit on them where they can big gas enough buying C team where the shelters were open and which ones are fully they even doing your part to help the community. And we couldn't because our intent has been knocked yet and and I was living on or. The reasons yesterday. And the fire departments the the police say I know I know Kabul police officers. They lost their lives over the weekends in the midst of the storm. And dune you know means working to what they're supposed to be doing Kabul police officers lost their lives you know the police officers and fire departments. In the middle of these situations. They're huge huge storks and. All the emergency all the first responders all of them you know EMC's amien that the work that they have to do is pretty incredibly nice eyesight terrible story and on Twitter. That people are looting that the people in Miami are targeting the firefighters. Her work together like smashing their car windows and stealing the stop and whatever they know that they're working. The storm right now we're in a lot of that there's a lot of looting there's a lot eluding a sign in various parts of South Florida doesn't really disappointing however I was social media people were posing as FPL workers. Yes so apparently there is an organized crime down here. For the storm. People were Yad warnings. And then new stations and one not that there is guys posing as a PL workers who work. Asking to gain access to your house to check on some thing you notice such you out before the storms leaving las the only way you lose power something about nature and you let the men and they rowdy at gunpoint. Let's say those people it's a life sentence at the highest in relation like Tammy if you're taking advantage of the situation like one thing. When you see you know some of the looting and it's out of desperation of course nobody has power water for days and are looting of you know grocery stores kids that's a whole different. All gaming and far more or you know an an and more understandable by. Yet you're taking advantage of the situation and here are you know you're robbing people who are you know hunkered down on their homes and your. Even even the people who are eluding the shoe store isn't I mean it's I. Then that's that's some low light stuff I'm in the looting of the shoe stores skate get the hell out here thank you know like you said. If you eluding in the supermarket or what have you Odyssey should still get in trouble is not good he should be doing. But at least daily say I like I can have some some sympathy in that spot okay. Yogi foudy a water or what have you at your desk right gets. I get ally he issues I'm sorry I mean how how how can anyone look at that new light on. Yeah yeah yeah like I said. It's a crime even if your looting the supermarkets. Release the supermarket you get you sells food. And you get some water are right there's a desperate situation there. I mean it does the shoe. And it really going into the homes or cars of first responders as you know that they're busy working. It makes it a break and and to get lightly why this zone against whatever personal facts you know because I did that I guess. Like as a as a uses the thing as odd and it looked into it too much by it you know right. You know that firefighters and cops any and seasonal ladder you know working around soccer announcer now. At stinks. Yeah but. Overall if you if you listen into this now means say you know he'll likely got through the whole situation OK and it was scary for a little bit of time and then we start seat continuing to move what's it's like holy crap victim. It's awesome it's going straight for amber so awesome guy. And as colleague and as you bust are you live down here you decide to go out there your. And you meet your Maradona on here. But a huge relief for for a lot of us and you know he got you power back appeal looking up to god you power back I mean super duper look a similar being partially in my friend Saturday I'm I'm like c.'s report somewhat to an FPL wouldn't news conference is terrible could take weeks get back like man why are we so lucky we otter. We got our power back the next day you're there. Daddy I I I lost power apparently had just checked it out I lost powered eat 58 in the morning on Sunday and I do not have a yeah appeals on me that I did the little computer thing and I was about to be Epperson who calls as you know. But I thought because we had the conversation before everybody else on the street power outage and generate every and also mr. Reid has power everybody around me I can see has hours are nice surge worry that is forgotten bombed you. EI a scene out now he's gonna tell. Yeah you can't just sit there and no power. Cantonal and you know you're so tired reading nonperishable food tell me if you can afford it of course and lot of you cannot. If you can forty I got us now it's. Teams it's a waste of money now. Missiles is sleeping last lately wasn't that he sat with all the windows open it wasn't asked not as I thought it was going to be the sleeping. Late during the day it's. Not a waste of money. Some perfectly reasonable way to spend your money. It regularly reads. Really healthy and wait and new money you'd be so clients and I'm so hungry right now. And I don't even know I mean there's no over eats and I that I could even get delivered to the season and his loss. Creates a refund ass you like him because they're out there and what sort of illegal replace another know nothing was no last night now very few very few blazes were of understand why there is in I owned a restaurant I would have I would investing one of those huge commercials generators because I would imagine that you were just killing you viewer a pizza delivery plays exit polls well a 5000 dollar investment and commercial generator to Tiki yes you were Domino's franchise opened because many annually just day after hurricane. Yet he also got to remember if what I I guess I guess they have a generator that change the story but even for some of these places that have their power back the food likely went back. In the fridge relate to when he right. Don't know how you have got generally enter commercial generator than you're ready for it you know play like we all in LA we have generators here you know a lot of places have permanent generators because they have to try to stay in operation. So if you were pizza south postman in particular are sinking like a pizza delivery service why wouldn't I I don't know I just think I'd be worth the money and I NC had a darn one did you win to reach ride. A big deal not a big deal to wrap up show next. All right it's. Glad for the folks who were able to tune in today and hopefully starts. A year your normal all your normal life in normal schedule back together and you know it's their once cleanup. Wants trying to get their power back. And I'm sure a lot of folks just aren't report back to work today to be jobless. So people who get back some sense of normalcy but I AI I can't help but feel very fortunate. That to mean something and somebody or not as fortunate you know weighed down south that situation. And you know probably in some places you know northwest of this year that situation. By it but overall. I think most of us we listen to us right now unless I mean and he abused no snapper. At a town somewhere I think most people in our in our general area here in market are extraordinarily. Lucky and who got very very lucky it it fell. It felt like this. You know it felt like this. Myth. Of hurricane injury. Is ghost. That's that's a hurricane Andrew feels like at this at this point you know 25 years ago. It felt as if this coast. One is coming back. That's what it felt like Wednesday Arnold my big Rite Aid roll up their right right a lot bigger it felt like this this. Myth was about to be real. Again and and potentially worse. So I think we get super super super low. You know this hurricane Herman ended up being identical. You hurricane Donna which was a hurricane in the sixties that hit southwest Florida. And it hit Naples almost oh almost identical in terms of its track to hurricane Irma. Also I category three when it hit I think has ended up being three that I hit Naples. And very very similar in terms of the destruction. What was it like 55 years to that day it also had two hits on the exact same day but it. It's you know something like fifty died years earlier so that's the hurricane that this one ended up being lake which certainly with better news or at least south east Florida. Probably not for Naples because I don't think maples got hit as hard by Ian drew at Miami dead but it is certainly it certainly deeper South Florida. Listening audience in the tri county area we faired better now and we certainly at a. Don't think we do big deal not a big deal and then. Do. Because we're of the game works. Money so throughout something that happened and it felt style this weekend the new guys let me know whether you think it's a big deal and not a big deal yeah it's a single game I don't think I'd like astronaut. Amber right I told Irving it happened a couple of hours ago. Well we'll start with this big deal not a big deal the rounds players are not happy with the referees. Not really go after Ben Roethlisberger for his cheap shot. On that browns offensive lineman Danny Shelton. When he went on a low. I kind of a low leg lock there was movement of the shoving going and then decide on an ankle lock on the trying to take him out yet this is not a big deal to me see what happening Kramer knowing how. And again and so this is interesting so quarterback took a cheap shot. On a deep lying and here's what. What happened okay it's it's kind of after the play and the defensive line men. You know stood up Roethlisberger and shoved into the ground pushed into the ground of today. And Roethlisberger as a response. He dove at the knees and all of the line ballots dirty but he didn't really quick look like he was trying to do shoulder block to his knees but he missed. And so what do you that there was. He does grabbed at the dudes leg and held it. And so yeah I felt that I think what you look like Jeff Van Gundy you know holed it on Alonzo Mourning his legs. It was really weird. Don't really know what happened there and I don't Rollins Brett is trying to accomplish. So since I don't really know I gotta go not a big deal this really weird. I'm earning a big deal because these quarterbacks get baby did they get every call they we've protected sounds a nod heating degree. So then when their quarterback goes and then he takes a cheap shot on some meals it doesn't get called and and also because we know this Ben Roethlisberger has been get away with things his whole life you know and I mean I'll. Let's say talking about having to protect the quarterback side to explain to my son last night there was a personal foul roughing the passer against. I think it was against Judy's last night and it's because of player for the vikings he goes one of those deals where like as he's he's diving to set the sack the quarterback. But he's also falling down. You kind of caught in no man's land. Where he ends up tackle them near the legs or near the knees and throw the like Ed explain my size like why is that a personal wealth. And explain ailing you try to protect the quarterbacks is why. Because you know they're sitting duck in does he understand. I understand I'm not. And I can. Big deal not a big deal part of the coach that came out of this weekend with the hottest seat be is. Now it is team his ass kicked butt in and always play that's sucked but got out. Who's colts lost to the rams the rams. 46 to six he go to notes you kicked his ass. Pass protection. Lack of pressure. On your name man who got IRS checked into. Credit 49ers. Coach were very. Why we gray in the foreign cars they lost like twenty you know when it would Pampers. So why are they getting credits. Now you'll. Lost to ramps. I mean did the gotta think Jerry Rice was running crossing routes out there. And that's how they lost by so much because Jerry Rice is like the best football player ever think that goes on him and close. Ditty they got Roger Craig was out there are running through is these linebackers. And it was Roger Craig out there public Joseph Montana. John didn't do my tech wreck deep when John Taylor Montana Taylor was that was that the post route to a running. I do think is a big deal OK because I would fire truck that got out and also fired bill O'Brien. I thought bill bribes he can't go all training camp and pre season picked one quarterback and they realize your wrong after one quarter and throw the shot Watson out there. It's seconds on three years that bill brightest and I would fire bill O'Brien today Allen also fired chuck we're gonna remember a couple of years ago. What Madonna was holding outs. For a new contract holding out Ed off. The only reason you have a job is because of Andrew Luck. And everyone is finding that out right now I would fire chuck we got themselves on the loser John Vander amber as big deal. I'm gonna go not a big deal at least it was in the right state and he knew coach she was up against. Does Andrew look at applicable on eligible answer that question. Anyway any dull speaker quarterbacks red rifle. Four interceptions. Leads the red rockets the issue was that like the lipstick don't salute the audience lifted on it's not lost. Yeah this is out. This is not a big deal okay the Bengals in nineteen you can trust you know Marvin Lewis is going to be the coach there forever thousand years very cheap organization. They don't wanna pay coached and out war. It's the same old same old feel the pain was you know a decent team that angles it's like they're one of the worst teams are not there they're in and out of the policies in place. It's it's at the same old same old sort of thing we know they dollar and losing twenty enough and lucky you don't get shut out at home okay. Eyes of divisional game. And the ravens we know it decent team they play hard against Cincinnati. The map it's home or road. And I go not big deal then Bengals don't care about I don't care opening both nebulous and onto nonsense there beyond. The big DOT all of this Tom Brady. And yes he well yeah it is wise man once that you can't fix all that we're there yet but I was a CT net. On pregnant girlfriend and mom are. Is that not a grooved on that we got thugs anyway and he says that solely admire but daddy I. That in itself to have a next to three X today is the thing about that picture it's asked to commit to the chiefs' top. God it's a big deal looks as Tom Brady's baby OK and all those patriots of their they're a bunch of cheaters and a bunch of babies do what are bigger babies they are amber. They're changing the playing surface at Gillette Stadium. They're changing. Fields they're pulling up when playing surface yup. They changed their in the midst of change and appealed right now stadium like how it felt obviously that's that's what it walks with reminds service they're changing. The playing surface. After the uses excuses god forbid they lose a home game in must've been at. Feel as I can only play was certain deflation a football's eon the certain texture on the bottom of the speech of the eighties. When us yelled one more Tillman big deal not a big deal that alligators that are on the loose because of hurricane Irma. That's a big deal alligators. Or like modern day dinosaurs. Can I tell you a I swear to god this reminds me. I'd crazy dream few days ago. Crazy dream. There was an alligator. Metals like a dinosaur rally here where. It could stand up and it's the size of like a T Rex OK but just sounds like an actual dinosaur it had the Romberg arms and everything our rights and the alligator okay. It's in the outfield and more loans pork and that the game. And the alligator swimming across the outfield we cannot. At any outfield grades on its face it's C lenient swimming across listen it is swimming in it's a dream okay it doesn't always makes sense. And the alligator is so Don Pardo a hit another bomb John Carlos playing left field instead right field for some reason. And the alligator. Stood up like a giant T Rex I swear to god it a John Carlo. What's whole weird man whose I was like yeah there's nothing neat arena and beat. At the alligator stood up with the Robert arms okay. And it opened it about and it eight's John Carlo. And it straight up ate him is everybody like in horror well yeah like most on the superheroes are running out of the stadium I'm trying to get away and delegates. How do you explain what happened to people there outside grass you why you run explain. It eight John Harlow. Now my dream. Really weird that's the not a happy yeah I've admitted that there's beat the odds big dream that is the big deal now did you begin today. In a dinosaur age John Carlos in that would in fact be a big deal eight. I don't know of I agree that alligators on the loose and Florida's a big deal is Billy I just Tuesday. There's other I didn't start the game both Laura Gaza Joan called to play left field in the Al acumen from right field and swam across the outfield. Omitted maybe they are such that they could not that he wouldn't waive his. Note rate plus you know he got a deal now you can not keep exact. Components into. As exact. Got to do. Through these always volume view being chased by alligators and they don't zigzags a gun zigzag and our hands. Boyz in the hood when the football player does not seek zag when the guys in the drive by always makes crazy. Every Thomas in the movie. You can zigzag bullet is that does the same thing how would you rate line. How toys and hides I mean how you cut to the rides are not seen yet well don't you zigzag and see the scene through the what's his name up Morse just not more Estonia zigzag man a night game here is not urgent to USC right USC USC and scholarship. And now or zigzag man says olds don't zig zag admin and an alligator as a I its limits aren't shall not next. Whoever's replacing this week. Is next.