ZRA Part 3 9-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, September 13th

NHL vs NFL hits, Hurricane complainers, Amber's News


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Yeah. The music tools and. Low salt stuff. Talking dolphins president CEO Tom Garfinkel a few minutes you know dolphins they they are in the NFL it feels like you're not. There's there's missing preside like yeah wet when you a bye week. I obviously don't call points in between games that's essential at all attacking it was a Bali but. That'd there's no practice. For weeks that second half of the season now they won't really Armisen. And write another in the country. Right now sold there and different coasts and stubborn. Couple times read different time zones. That way left and movement and direction left. Assortment studio this. Let's headlines here. It's WE XY AM South Miami and W exactly easy to. These headlines are brought to you by Otto is islander alas batteries are driven toughened designed to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions with patented technology to deliver the most power during start up get in the zone at AutoZone. The Marlins they are defeated last night and Philly is 98 in fifteen. Innings it was all me and. Mean in all seriousness people could've possibly watch that team through fifteen innings. I said you become on one hand I already I didn't do any to. We go 4040. People total dipped forty people down here in South Florida watched. Every minute of nagging once every minute remaining are gonna go to the bath spot but you watched from the start. To finish on him all season ticket holders apparently they pure go full season games ago 15100 album but how many. 8081. Yen seemed to holders nor. Kabul. And I would I would since there's a lot there's a lot more of those and watch every minute of that fifteen inning game right examined some people really enjoy going to games. I'm still really enjoyable you've got imagine let's say it's a couple thousand you've got imagined is the hardest of the hard core out of this couple thousand. You tell me forty out of those 2000 aren't watched that entire game against the Phillies for fifteen innings to call stands and a home run race. Hand fifteen. Innings you're watching a team and half stroke rates. But two bad teams. That the two dozen people a lot of people were saying none of them. Yeah amity it's not saying none were saying here's why did less than ten pounds in ten. That's so that's so few people I think ten people. Other ten people on the balls television grew ten deal not counting ritual Olson's on all we can't count it can't count the people who work for the Marlins. And not counting anyone who's like back in the fox sports studios. You know it doesn't intervene use studio show Preston Wilson. Not counting those that want to the combatants kind of watching and even higher probably tuning out until about Laguna rather they're going to be MP. Take an up. In between it's. And TV hats and other come gore single announced that harbor Acxiom suffered no structural damage she will be joining us here in just a few minutes the facility was inspected by eighteen that the engineers they lost a panel groupings and landscape name but they will be ready ego when McCain's played Toledo oh Yasser said the practice facility will be its ago. After the dolphins West Coast trip. The Florida Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL they donated two point seven million dollars for Ramon early if we are waiting to see you making or send us. The we get a taxi Tex and Coral Springs on marquis attacks on 67 ninths and for how about the NCA teach kids how to block in college offensive line in the an apple sucks so bad. All over. I think of that. I read a text earlier that's one thing I think being an offensive line in the intervals really hard. A it's really hard I think the players on the defense side of the ball so big and strong on the and it's really hard to block them. I don't think it has anything to do with not a you only in on the bean know how to block the error the best at there. True raided in the world. Also why wouldn't you be teaching a lineman in college to block forcing a block and what they're doing in college as well being offensive lineman. In the NFL is soul. Horror. Look at what some of these defensive players will go like man. And especially what they look like compared to what it looked like twenty years and they have the speed the speed is unbelievable it's alarmist. That at all. Let's just say. That opens at an analog is almost on a there's a lot of them so facts. What should say that these offensive lineman. Their. Pastures while bigger stronger faster it does appear using your speed. As an offensive line. No that's the problem it doesn't probably EU that much and there's not. There's probably not as much room for improvement. In the O line and that's the problem in the day in the deal liner notes Anaheim I say daughter. It's it's so much easier to rush the passer than is so to pass block. And I don't see nearly. It's playing in your big strong and fast it's certainly becomes easier I. I just an ice keep getting faster I see it's a really difficult position to play three offensive Wyman yeah. Dion Waiters will receive one point one million dollar bonus he plays in seventy games for the heat this season Kelly Nolan nick gets a million dollar bonus to be logged 17100 minutes for Miami he's never played more than what DC eighteen hundreds us 15100 something new out. James Johnson gets bonuses for his body fat and hasn't it kind of way. Bonus about that now when he's carrying around a metal. That's an alternate Hardaway duck sold Tim Hardaway. Regiment season you know Tim Hardaway were you always have the clauses in the incentives and bonuses. In his contract. The last. Couple years cities with the heat they were always do that. For Tim Hardaway and be so it's been in some Hewitt payment million dollars the saints inning. When he lovers out there. Definitely some more camp offers on the table. Run dry gets majority six point six boards and eight says he leads all he led Sylvain you know her Latvia and announce to the semi finals Exxon's being. So any of the Spain to the tune into. May herald reports that an investor or knowledge of Derek Jeter's play younger ones the higher his agent now DJ on a higher Casey close at his agent. For a front office position and cut those books. They wanna make sure you get someone who you know can run that Ponzi scheme Wear them. It's the whole situation is incredibly disappointing to me and I thought we'd be fired up no matter who. Is going to be on the -- need help OJ Simpson 180% of the vote to pull who'd you rather own more loans already since Jeffrey Loria we're gonna except for OJ and that dude is it. Reasoning and okay. And Derek Jeter. Take is is about to take over the Marlins and I'm I'm not into it at all not into it. See it's it's a terrible way to start this relationship that we're gonna be slashing. Not cutting slashing. Payroll and I know they'll try and treasure on call the trying to and to win the notre colorful dragon. The lakers announced that Kobe Bryant's number 88 and his numbers when he or mobile three or retired on December 18 against the warriors. Stephon Marbury announce he's making an NBA comeback. Josh Childress earned a contract with the nuggets after his play in the Big Three leave the Big Three worked out for him. Jaguars owner shot pond gave one million dollars or hurricane Paramount release. Our skill bullets and with ten being very very confident. How confident are you that what we saw from the jaguars this past weekend. It is going to be something we could see throughout the year. Oh my like that like they're gonna be there to be a ball control power team. That it real run the ball for at a hundred yards so he ran the ball I mean he's well enough who's under four yards carry its good but eBay. They are pounding the ball they were using the clock obviously 26 has a lot of carries. And and they are going to be a team that is going to wreak Havoc defensively how competent choice that's actually beat with that he select comments level is that there are good defense league ball which would do like to have to have a comments on record and no doubt they're going to. Solid balance and that's well above average. Appeal on on each. Philip that is highs above a long time OK all right but that does Heupel stuff was going down in the third pre season news like around two. Okay. Jon bones down loses these simple costs ago was a failure by the US 88 for anabolic scary too horrible. And he now Macy for your being is that one terrible that it's only frown on. It's a good then could. You re not frowned on either anabolic steroids we don't frown on. An electronic on a slow to name another in a bonds are government herbal well yes. The it the big muscles steroid. That's the one and I take him. That needs Norton. Many threats I hit a bar all the time driven green says I agree that trade didn't surprise him and his level of respect for Tyree Irving has gone. There you know tripled he's trainer. Claims is by Iran and Joe Brown bear my training for his fight and L all end by the bear got scared and back. Tech's president wasn't carrier having the manner. This first three seasons in Cleveland they won what like twenty games this season yet at the worst record in the league over those three years. Yes it now now is it a little bit unfair to do vaccine is carrier rings you know first three years in the league he's I was also very injury prone is a little unfair to yep probably. But. It's part does resonate. But it Cassidy mentioned he was the number one overall pick he was the man and they wore an incredibly. Bad tee. The bedroom is the first three years of his record is resonating all ads and made a huge darn difference huge difference. And asking OK but I reason very different place in its career than he has back that yes but but it's part of his story. It is and no part of historian living LeBron and them will be able to see it is. Zinc they'll come in from dream on green where. You know I. Like the idea that it it made you respect him he's going out there he wants to prove little sonic meeting. Well it's it's interesting because I mean dream on green was one of the guys who apparently was calling Kevin's Iran to open the summits and page complaint with us. Would trim on guns whore like he had in an exact opposite yes. I was going to mention Mallard talking about it the last segment I hit it I thought that was interesting a little interesting component as well where he obviously thinks. Hiring is the ultimate competitor for leaving and not ending up in the situation with you know necessarily the best player in the world next Hammond with did with the three months teammate Katie he clearly ran toward. Yes team it seems like league's any was in the group and that guy mis exact opposite. That happened with carrier anyway. Apple doesn't build the new iPhone. Means in the is that low household it is time and to get the iphone's. Is it true that one of the big things that this new iPhone is this going to be 88. Portal was charged. Never read that correct you got tired that's taught how to find an outlets. And as the and I have this iphones are no words and ears salt okay grizzly glories that. I'm focus on the iPhone seven right now but eventually I'm gonna get the iPhone eight but do you decide phone seven is great what I have to look forward to a sent its. Movement from the six to the set out. This and I thought that the whole wireless headphones thing it was a no I didn't do seven Emeka by Al new chart there's actually have to get all new chargers now an all new headphones and zero and wireless headphones that they make you pay they don't Britney don't come with a headphone out the seven don't give you a free headphones with a seven you have to go spend like a hundreds open dollars on the headphone. It's late Steve Jobs man I mean could not seem odd anymore and now it's its own his rights. I understand. What men who recipe it's really they don't coma that had once. And their cordless. And so how did he connect up the phone. Twelve their Bluetooth once you've got someone to dish out the money for them and I had to go by only charge nurse who. You're about to drop some La. You know do I wanna get the size phone seven is and isn't a bad idea out on us I didn't bother getting it. The six it's gut. On eight has a facial recognition. And anyone solve funny mean aimed at the end I've when he is gonna Macy indecent about tax that would be good feature. Amber great job Killen sat on that argument being in the shadow LeBron is not one when you're true star when you're James Jones it's okay. I don't know you know Dwyane Wade was somewhat in LeBron shadow after the first year here remind me and you know. No not really actually champs. And it really did add the Aberdeen Dubai itself so it's different situation I mean Dwyane Wade had the opportunity at least to leave the I mean I know he did it was our opportunity to. Oh come on to it it's parry had the it didn't really how the opera streamed on an awful awful. Fourteenth when its second year in the league he's in the Eastern Conference finals being all small next. Though it's thirty in league little Fuzzy Lazazzera is on a little bit of a better team and a lot more help you write but again part of carrier ring story. Just like it's part of my only story what is it would do the first a few years in his career. Up at the same time a two dimensional Dwyane Wade. Yes it was cute you know it's one what do championships but wait is also somewhat relieved when Obama like wade lights. Being the man again elect been storing any like taking all the big shots you like to have the ball more like no wait wait. Was okay when the Obama. This year's finalists for the toy hall of fame. You wanna know the toy hall of fame finalists for the years that I leave and regularly deserve to be in the hall of fame tight out there are the magic eight ball. Yes I've its iconic women to paper airplane. Now they want to make it a touch point. That's the original toy now on paper recently you need you need a piece of paper I don't say all think streaming is point. Pez dispensers. Pez dispensers are exerting too and that's what. It's important that. It's through an apparatus. It's it's it's a vehicle to give me can't it's it's not what. Sounds like the bus on its enemy transformers. Of course. Course race. Begin a board game risk yes. No because it's caught notes is normally a connotation that's for kids and risk. It is a very typical game markets you don't like risky your ticket I'd get real hesitant at risk of breaking. What's that that evolve your kids are of course be it a question to shake that baby up answers before of course it's easy park it's quasi. Clue. Hello I used to love that organ yes clue it helps you think. It also helps you are becoming the technical. It helps you find out who's a murderer went mainstream with the movie no absolutely Tim Curry that's right. You know. Yes you know core rate gains a law who knows kid I'm surprised it's taken this long prone to become finalists in the toy hall of fame. We'll know. Finally deserves again and yet course this order deserves deck my little pony. On my little money I don't know yet I don't know. Because. Yeah. You know what it's bastard eyes were like these rivalries. And he sick joke conventions. Are. That's for the terms I don't know I'm I'm down my little pony yeah I don't know amber and so are what about Whipple ball. Whipple ball. It's hornet sports. Okay of the sport that the verified sport is a sport so I'm not going Whipple ball Whipple at the bullies. Of the most iconic sport toys there is CMAs. Anyway with the ports boy. It's hands you'll baseball bat do you say. It's a great toy. Now it's great the national baseball is baseball leagues Tebow played baseball is there are there wherever you everybody knows the classic yellow with a ball that with the white. Hold with global and a professional with football players look you you made your case he lost what else. That's it you are only goes to read only only sort it out transformers. Gets in blue gets in the magic eight ball gets to shoot a three against Korea and again Tarrant about it clue transformers match people magic gave Paula absolutely. Congratulations. To with the newest members into oil. So yeah. I beat the present is our sandals like. Is it possible bodies in Los Angeles is Alice. My one my question is does it ML it's maybe thinks is joining us at 8 AM LA time and which is of course 11 am here. Lays upon it and I think he listens as worrying as much as bullish and I know everyone that all the building was sorts. Potts a break there. And that and you relishing. Yeah hot tip. In that building my dogs a listen to nation ought to prepare a cast ballots in. And and we like that came because like a lot of folks who work there at all and shout out must go out including including Garfinkel but it. Is possibly in LA and at times confused as mark got. But gets a player move out its all time players don't understand different time zones Tom Garfinkel definitely understand times is that possible thing that just happened to open. Balls with her at London's possible as phones often sleep I don't know now did it all go directly to voice may old office. And an iron hand at Sandler excellent and aren't there. Now I saw on and I saw on sports science. Yesterday. You about that sport signing you know about that sports science Ronald Robert will be back tomorrow for those who were raskin and and some folks had. Text in you know is there an update on. Robert's house in the keys in hand there's not. We have no idea I don't know quarter the homes in the keys have been completely destroyed. Which is very very sad I know that they just started letting residents back down there and it's at cedar properties in an assessed the demons. And and yet about situation. America no idea how Roberts Costner I wanted to ask Romberg though. I saw this on sports science yesterday we're apparently NHL. Players NHL hits. Or seventeen. Which is a lot. But 17%. Harder than NFL it's. Yeah we say uniting it so inter you know the reason I. No the reason that some people think that there is this. Kind of attack on football and I'm not saying that there is by any means but that but that the reason that people feel that way like there like I know the Danny canals in the world and some people take and you know offense to it is beat Kyle is Kyle CT truth there. I'd do you think that it's interesting that we don't talk about it in the context of other sports the way that we do about football and we are at a point in football. Where now my generation won't let their kids play football and so that is of course it's going to affect the product in twenty years. Because you know now kids are grown up playing for a while because it's dangerous and yet. No one don't not the hockey and love my kids my hockey. I will never make it play football matter of fact. But the days ago period bizarre because hockey is incredibly dangerous and judge and they hit surge in the hits are just as hard. The fighting the worst. And if you weren't around here he would spray they run around short words that sometimes they get glossary did win. And by the way that ice is a far less forgiving than a football field and tore those walls that surround you don't you think it's really peculiar. That you feel like your kids would be safe playing hockey and that's because the narrative had. But that's the narrative that surrounds football vs hockey because in reality. None of that seat and that is one of my problems with the way that that we've covered CT info ball. Because I do think that we should be fair to sports and just do it across sports I mean there's a reason that they're starting to outlaw you know headers in soccer. They wanted to get rid of you know on the Little League level which I think is the reason for that is because they also think that there could be some brains in my son Eric. Soccer they're not allowed to headers he did a better one time and game last year they blew the whistle blew played dad Tony can't do. Rate and the reason for that is the brain damage in those sorts of things are applicable to all sports and instead of us making it an assault on specifically football and letting football take the fall I just think we do need to be fair and just do it across alls an assassin so that we can be Allstate because it does seem like every single sport. That you know with maybe the exception of tennis and golf and most contact sports anyways all the contact sports have this issue. I ideas what robbery and say about it we back tomorrow likely because I feel like he wool likely disagree. Even outside. We're talking about I don't know if you will I don't know they agree with I robber gripping Canada I feel like Robert and a lot of respect for hockey I think you'll be surprised by answer. A couple of days ago you know my my older son is very athletic and Andy likes thrown around football with me and we are thrown on the football and housing appointments all points. And I guess I never get Africa and he I was very Catholic and heat he likes. You like oh well he's he started to take a real interest in football because. Our recently he bought. The new Madden game so please mad and all the times who's learning the players. He's trying to learn plays a lap parts will be difficult Tino and read you know look on it used to order that the years. Into pizza tees decade out or I'm trying to teach him better I'm trying to show in the positions and what each guy does you know that they can dictionary like watched and monitored footballer night to how many offensive linemen aren't there on trying to show him the different positions on the offensive line anyway. World we're playing catch a couple of days ago. And he says I wanna play flag football does does not miss club half like football a little bit has him because. They really like you know you want Whipple ball. While but it would flag football deathly don't seem Harmon in that flag football and eating good we'll. Teach him how to play O line because I am going to a bottom limb and suggest that that's one one position he does he does not have a future career in. Because does that those are known for their outside is or their girth and once he quarterback he wants a plate club that once you try to named Moroni grizzled and although I don't know how tall he's going into being by its. But have you worked you put a money no life I mean doubly as their future their sect be safe for you because his career would then prettier pretty sick pretty early. Well what what they're talking about the flag for Boris and I don't know bots whose club as likable they don't we have regular full believe tackle football goes he goes can I ever play that's and I listened we've had this conversation before. And the answers no and that's the last hundred and asked you understand. An easy out. You know it's it's funny in my mindset has changed so dramatically our member when I have football's always been any of my favorite sport I would say Hedo only in the last three years his bass on given it a run for its money. But I mean football is my. First true love and Ankara just adoring adoring poke ball. And I I always dreamed of the day that you know eventually I would have sons and they would play football and hopefully they would get whoever their father is that genes would be. And at the end who is the father be. And Meyer remember when I you know was younger and I were higher than it distinctly remember that diet. Dated a guy who's they who told me that his mother wouldn't let him play football yet. And I thought that was such an idol I was hot like that though why would your mother let you play football you're you know you're really fast jump really high super athletic. You know what why wouldn't you let you play football and now now that's commonplace and young we are growing up there was it was we heard. And now it's like you know I know he's mother lets them. Yeah you're right it's very common now for there to be parents like myself. Who pull their kids at a young age you you will not play football don't ask me again it's the answer is never gonna change but. What happens when it would weapons against high school in the has a lot of friends knew that are allowed to live football that you still gonna ban him from wanting of course. Really yeah of course I I don't think in the get into surgery play a certain point your kids are gonna get turn it they also make decisions for themselves you know why is it wasn't seat. Now parents are preventing their kids from playing football because of head injuries. I was one of those families my parents were those parents which were all much. Rarer. Last generation in my much rarer for us back then that we're not letting their kids meet. Played football I was it was. But being at my house I was not allowed to play football played basketball played baseball. And football was never a couple friends with football prop in his club. But football was never ever on the table because I was to hold at a young age EU or not allowed to play football. And I was rare back then but ball today you. Parents are telling their kids you are not allowed to play football. It's because they head injuries back then dozens of products brain and spinal injuries spinal winter spring or the reason it it had nothing to do. Wit the head injuries and cautioned it was solely. For spinal. Right which I mean those and those have always happened in the and those are very rare anything that the concern at the head injuries as it doesn't look rare. And so you know that's my sell many more parents now definitely you know are concerned we get your spinal injuries as its injuries generally I think so they get about how much on her final injuries are compared to head so much more rare. Rare and that's the reason I wasn't allowed blah but I do with seeing that hearing I do think that as the media we do need to be a bit careful about making missed merited just about football because I think parents need to understand. That there are other sports as well that did that CT Ken can apply TO but you know it. It's a very good about farmers and in my brother's going to rain up I grew up in a extreme football loving family extreme. And it's. In my you know my brother played a growing up but might not I mean anonymous nobody in my not a man in my amateur athletic enough to have had a real career and it's over all of their careers last a very short period. But my nephew is going to are now where you know he grew up on a football loving family he loves himself some football he wants to play flag football. I think they're letting him play flag football but it's been a big fight our household and are really struggling with you know that you let them play flag than they wanna go on and play tackled and that becomes. You know very tough decision for parents I think it's a less tough decision though probably with families like ours who you know. It were being on a steer your sons of my nephew and they're probably not to go on to be you know the next is superstar of the National Football League anyways. But I do genuinely think about it in the only is where the kid actually has a whole lot of physical talents. That is akin specifically to football you know maybe they're not tall enough for basketball but that you don't need to tell will be held a football player. In those families that conversation has to be rougher. Look there's a lot of families. Okay where there's a lot. That. You can accomplish with your life. Outside of the attempts. And becoming a professional football like it's a minor percentage obviously there's there's a lot of other options. And it's. I mean on all we want every one yeah and a and a lot of families don't necessarily have all of those other options. And they could see. Football. Athletics football. Being at one and great opportunity. For. You know for for having success for being able to get out of your current situation. And to be able to make a great living and to. And deodorant to have a successful really it's really easy for its embassy how would you ever let your kids. Plea football I'm lucky enough that Miami and eighty situation in a position where I can dictate that to my children on a lot of. And you know I can have a lot of other option I do not yet you fortunate to be in opposition you can there's a lot of other kids out there that may be yet adult feel that way I think that's what happened boxing largely right Tobin is an is about nothing but fighting is that. You know a lot of people who are fighters you know they're not. They're they're in a position where maybe they don't they feel like that is their their best option. I was an awful lot of money if ever traveler and people who are are coming out of desperation. That leveling out at GI on a certain sacked its aside and that's when it knocks against right. Yeah absolutely but it also. It also though there you can look at is the knock it also can give them a better path minute you're gonna. Criteria work right and I doubt karma Gregor is isn't sitting around regarding any you know. I mean he probably things that you know whatever health effects he ends up having in his elder years is probably worth you know vote. The food stamps to you know the hundred million dollar story. Panic feeling about now economist Greg or me could obviously make a lot more money but when you just again it games soon my exuberance or. I think really I think that these are all doesn't like that England those guys burn through it those guys have to go to go look at his right now. I think part of it is that if your if you end up being in a position to be that good to make that kind of money I mean I do think that you you know you and genuinely you know. Having sort of an addiction rates of heart Centre court saying you are as super competitive. Person who McConnell. McGregor he's got he's got a woman right biased side by side for a very long time so let's number one. As soon to be a little bit of guidance when it comes back up but also number two does help a guy like Greg who. Not to go like this has been well document recently work. He works all coming from nothing and now he's got the point where he's got something and you think he's gonna blow it is never an album is it ever not I don't know how that happens you're used to what to do with all that money you think it's never going to end and he's out in the Mediterranean and a giant yacht. That Lee. For now oh my. Debit. 70%. We talk about where 70% of lottery winners go broke 70%. So rags to riches overnight yeah. Yeah I and as I say get bank account house they get a good account hide that money replaces. Come on now. These. So ESPN yesterday did not think next. Around the. Client that. Hey you know now and carries on their crazy. He's likely got so bad ram not empower her a day. Boy you know what. I understand you are you a lot of people out there on social media they don't want to hear from the people were complaining about not have the power because. The new York and there's truth to this where you're lucky that the thing that you're complaining about is not an impala and its true on. See both sides of it because. Yes I I I I think were extra reward I mean so so so lucky. We we could've looked like the keys okay you know it really feels like to meet. The way that North Miami Beach. Was supposed to look like turn hurricane Andrew is what homestead dots you know hurricane Andrew to the slight turn. At the last minute back in 92. And ended up. Hitting homestead the way that it was gonna hit North Miami Beach which is more right. So now regard we got lucky that. And I feel like a little bit of that now it was gonna get the keys and watts but because it turned a little bit blast. We could have wound up looking. Similar to what the keys wound up looking like that that's all we are scared out. For a couple days leading up the storm itself there's an aspect of it where. It's it's it's not like we're super duper lucky it's it's not the worst thing. Yeah I don't not in power are not in parcel size that it a bit Dicey got perspective it's no words like. If it changes our silent we we depend on on on power depend on the water we depend on the lightly depend on. On all that stuff bouquet the air conditioning I mean I've been listening and it's comfortable like I I understand also the people that complain about not have. Now but I will say I don't I had the complaining on net so I mean I how to act and I see legitimately complaining I'm joking around and I actually people who work. You're truly complaining to reason that I think that's silly is because they're still. Almonte is still over 400000 people at least there was as of last night I believe there was still 400000 people in Broward alone who didn't have power in a demon include DM me your talking about over a million people just in South Florida. Los power not nevertheless Ian hi your state any millions of people didn't have power across the entire state. So firm meet early sunset I can get about it because I know that I'm so far from alone I would be a lot more angry and I was you know it was just me I'm going fortieth on that you know without power can get my you know if it wasn't that long but you can understand why would be taking them so long to turn it all back on because it's you know in over 40000 people just in my county. That they have to turn back on an it was a lot more that they've done incredible. Job they've they've turned on a ton of power per ton of people apparently they started his outlook household and then they'll end up at the amber household eventually. Yeah I I I think I I understand the people who are frustrated idea but I also I also can't help but. Think how really super. Super fortunate we are I I really earlier. I am frustrated I have to admit I retirement dry damaged street because all the other house's. How power in my street except for the two immediately next to me. Owner ounces at power and that's knowing they dried ice Ellis three you know allay its outside the ounces and a reluctant to mine. And it's to EC NEC. SP ended that thing yesterday where. They release. They released bearer or that they're barely seen and increments but he didn't there their whole their rankings their NBA player rankings. And Carmelo Anthony's they extorting you lose you give it a number 64 overall leak that job creating a story asking and number 63 was Alonso ball course. I'm like all is a better player than Carmela. And tough to argue he's never played in the NBA it's. Things are a little slow every now I guess in sport they need some material further a debate so. Was is that Stephen A Smith another into the Amazon element. But he did you still mad Max Kellerman of cocaine and good looking in the permanent not kicker on that so now as well he's. It is just like you like to hack featured in a. Rob Parker easily easily the kind of though of the sixty days not Fraser plays very he's far more ridiculous as if far more enemy and then the Max Kellerman and his takes are far more outlandish. Now is trash skip Bayless and he's like easily deal is like Stover he's YT skip Bayless by. But they did that thing where they make. They make the controversy. And then they get the round the clock programming topics and all fall for every created the story. All my guy can you believe this ranking and and they get talk about it all day long and create the top. And now you see that CJ McCollum wants to turn the tables on the journalist and ray alma did I'm like broccoli and wanted the media like please do it. Please please all the players got a great list aren't we don't car. If there's any if there's any industry Mort you go south and athletes it's media says you know that love a good rankings I. I I I love powering up loads number one. Every news precedents I do have members nears. Stereo headphones. Sean Spicer things out Melissa McCarthy actually it's licked her Emmy with him. But I don't see 13 of course it imitating him on our analyze it I think that you should have a share anatomy. Now. I mean she was imitating him. I don't want to give the material I. I know when actors who win Academy Awards are Golden Globes and in. You know when they're portraying some it is true story did you they split with the person they were. They were impersonating Leno noted that a person Osgood Everett yeah of the trophy or something. Silly me now Spicer go go back I'd year old. He said that he'd settle for a just posting a offered nothing and like it and he settled just in an effort chants and no sense settle for a nice gossiping and a lot about that. In New Mexico some thieves. Thought that they had a they had a big score. There was that you all parked outside of a hotel or motel and they decided to US steel the U haul thinking that of course that it was going to be full of all sorts of goodies. They stole the U Tallinn apparently discovered that inside the U haul was a casket in a dead body. Elated it was a couple was just trying to transport. Their father in law and then bury him in whatever state that they wanted plenty of rest peacefully end. And so the thieves ended up for bid abandoning the U haul and be that the remains were intact. But a weird story. An air force fighter pilot speaking of weird stories drew a big deal the big giant deal in the sky so plane spotters were shocked at the unusual sight of a big. Honorable black hole we got it but incinerator. Let's go out radar that's why don't like it closer like that happens I would tell straighter and actually drawn time Venus. Marshawn Lynch is set to start a reality TV show and FaceBook is paying them millions of dollars for it. Marshawn Lynch sound and Laos and man he's the man. Learn mean who didn't seem very into that's the reason I'm not on the alien and worry Eddie batter a beer and is songs and lots and a and it music festival. He's the only debuted at no news on Pearl Jam for a man here's the thing all of any better obviously don't her old camp guy I was. Am not an Eddie about your individual thing. Mean I kind of like isn't he whirls Amazon's well no he's not probably yeah I advisories in Hamilton. Guy like I don't own any better solo album okay. I'm I'm Pearl Jam guy I had any downloads and that he veteran who thought I do I like one or two songs they've never even heard the whole album. I'm a Pearl Jam got the kind of gun. Okay. And a poll Bon Jovi is the most wanted act for the rock and roll hall of fame likened her. Was anymore like like. Meaning that he's in topless again and doc didn't who's not in the rock and Waltham Agassi's he's active people want in a grand parent. Any else been he's been eligible for why why did it while. Yet 25 years you hear your eligible so he's probably been eligible since he's been eligible since 2000 eats Yazoo City doesn't tend yet to attempt yet. Apparently get on rock overall and and he also we have Neeson announces his retirement from action movies what's. The taping it. So is retired from acting and outlines news for Albanian mobster everywhere got Tate and an idiot taken on the plane came out of bed and get taken and in the forests of the wolves. Islands however he's IAC's Diana got the concept after after want to get a break. He's been taken. And that's it. Not right excellent job amber. The run dog we back tomorrow doesn't comes on next well. Isn't much to show. It a bad back buddy in South Beach. Yeah apparently there studios find wow that's again lucky seat in good way to get as lucky we didn't complain about no power. It especially amber if we can get easily did you would not have the limits Archie out. I'm sleeping here in the studio. Asleep and house to be on an analyst you and your parents and greets you live with me if you want your little meet you good with me. Let it's our zone next.